W7 OEM Licence

  iqs 10:37 26 Jun 2010


Will an OEM W7 product key work with the retail version of W7 ?


  mooly 10:59 26 Jun 2010

What do you mean ? OEM W7 can be bought retail, and the code once used ties it to the particular machine.
Read somewhere that OEM preinstalled systems are tied to the BIOS (Acer for one) as that's the way that manufacturers can activate windows, in other words they don't have to activate each copy individually.

Not much help is it.

  mgmcc 11:16 26 Jun 2010

The answer is "No" it won't work.

  iqs 12:40 28 Jun 2010

Hi mooly.

A laptop which came pre-installed with W7 OEM,requires installing due to a failed HDD.

They have no recovery disc etc.

I was going to let them borrow my W7 retail disc to reinstall,and use their OEM product key.

Hi mgmcc,

Thanks for the answer,

Cheers all

  ashdav 14:09 28 Jun 2010

Surely the laptop would be under warranty as they've not been out for 12 months yet.
Something fishy here methinks.

  mooly 15:00 28 Jun 2010

I guess you have nothing to lose trying... it's only the license that is unique, all discs are the same. Just keep hold of "your" license number.

I would say try it and see if it passes validation, and if not see what MS say via the phone activation.

  DieSse 22:28 28 Jun 2010

You can download Win7 from the official download sites shown here.

click here

In XP OEM licences would not work with retail CDs. I don't know whether this is true for Win7.

  sharpamat 09:09 29 Jun 2010

Almost all computers which come with preinstalled Software ( OEM ) have the option to creat a set of discs. for just such an event. Even replacing the Hard Drive, Allows the user to reinstall everything to the condition it was when you first opened the box.

Even down to recreatin the partions with the correct information. Clearly this was either not there or just ignored hence the current situation.

You will be providing your details be able to obtain a set of discs, from the maker of your system.Whick when installed will activate your system as new.

Because its OEM dispite having the key you cannot use that key with somones elses installation disc.
To install a retail you will get a new key with that version that you are installing

  iqs 20:18 29 Jun 2010

Hi all

Nothing fishy as all ashdav,the laptop was bought new from a local supermarket.

The HDD failed before they used the recovery application to make a set of recovery disc's.
They contacted the supermarket who gave them the details of the laptop manufacturer.

From the conversation they had,they were told they would have to buy a new HDD and a set of recovery disc's.This was almost 70% of what the laptop cost.
Why ?,I don't know.Like you stated its still under guarantee......Hence the question on using my retail version to same them some money...Thanks

We will do as you suggest mooly,if all else fails,we could download the version from the link DieSse posted,thank you both.

Thanks for the advice sharpamat

  sharpamat 09:19 30 Jun 2010

Supermarket is required to cover the guarantee.

If the HD is faulty it will need changing and the original information re-installed. At no cost to your friend

My advice would be to contact tradeing standards.

  keef66 11:18 30 Jun 2010

Yep, back to Tesco or wherever and demand (politely) a replacement or your money back. If they refuse, go straight to Trading Standards

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