W7 laptop - wireless icon greyed with red cross, but internet OK!

  onthelimit1 08:54 10 Apr 2013

Asus laptop given to me to look at with a number of problems. Scanned with AV and MBAM - nothing found. Sorted out a few suspicious toolbars which has resulted in IE and Chrome opening cleanly with no problems. BUT, the wireless icon remain greyed out and with a red cross through it (but clicking on it shows wireless network connected, and it's working normally). Looked extensively on line - it seems to be quite a common problem, but no real solution there.

I did notice that during a run of Combofix (which has cured numerous weird probs in the past), the icon turned normal with no cross. As soon as the Combofix scan finished, back it went to grey/red cross.

Anyone seen anything like this before

  onthelimit1 09:30 10 Apr 2013

For info, just uninstalled wireless card and reinstalled with latest driver - no change!

  rdave13 09:48 10 Apr 2013
  rdave13 09:55 10 Apr 2013

More here.

  onthelimit1 10:46 10 Apr 2013

Thanks rdave. I'd tried the first, but hadn't seen the second. Looks like it refers exactly to the problem, but didn't work. I do notice that if I hover the cursor over the icon, nothing appears. Also, if I click the icon, it shows my profile as connected (and it is), but at the top of the box it says 'not connected'. Very strange.

  rdave13 11:12 10 Apr 2013

Sometimes the system file checker can help. Worth running I suppose.

  onthelimit1 11:23 10 Apr 2013

Good idea - I'll try it...........................

  onthelimit1 11:49 10 Apr 2013

No, still no change. If I plug and ethernet cab, the cross disappears and the icon changes to a monitor symbol. Still nothing shows when I hover the cursor over it, and connections box still shows 'not connected' at the top.

having spent a lot of time on this, I think it must be just a W7 quirk, and will have to be lived with!

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