Is the W7 installation DVD an iso file

  Digital 16:10 11 Nov 2012

I have a genuine W7 installation DVD; is the data on there in the form of an iso file?

  lotvic 16:33 11 Nov 2012

No, it is a bootable install DVD.

an .iso file is a compressed image of a CD/DVD that you would burn to a CD/DVD using a program such as ImgBurn (free)

If you want to have a look at the contents of the DVD you have: Hold down the Shift key on keyboard and put the DVD in drawer, keep the Shift key held down until DVD drive light activity stops. You can then look at the files in Windows Explorer as you would with any other drive listed.

Holding down the shift key stops the DVD from automatically running the menu for choices of what you want to do.

  lotvic 16:36 11 Nov 2012

I should have said, nothing terrible will happen if you don't hold down the shift key. You would just have to X close the menu to exit the DVD and then you could look at the contents in Windows Explorer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:26 11 Nov 2012

No but you can make an iso file of your dvd to burn to another DVD as a backup in case your original gets lost, scratched or otherwise damaged.

  Digital 21:09 11 Nov 2012

Thank you lotvic & Fruit Bat. What I really want to do is make an iso file from an installation DVD so's I can then make a bootable USB key for a netbook using the Windows 7 USB tool which only offers a choice of an iso file as a source. Any ideas gratefully accepted!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:20 11 Nov 2012

You can get an iso from here

  lotvic 02:27 12 Nov 2012

Yep, use ImgBurn to 'create image file from disc' (image file is the .iso file) you save that to a folder on your hard drive. Then you 'write image file to disc' (you should have option in rightclick menu 'Burn using Imgburn') or you can open Imgburn and click on menu.

  Digital 20:50 12 Nov 2012

Thanks everyone. I used ImgBurn to create the image file but when I tried to use the W7 USB/DVD download tool, it said "...not a valid iso file". I'll recreate the image tomorrow, see if that helps.

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