W7 Inspiron C drive full

  onthelimit1 12:55 25 Feb 2013

My window cleaner dropped off his laptop for me to have a look at. Kept getting warnings that the 200Gb HDD was full. When I went to C:Windows/Temp, it contained 190Gb of files (by comparison, my W7 and W8 PCs both showed this folder to be empty). I set a restore point then deleted them all and it seems to be fine now, but where on earth did such a large amount come from?

  lotvic 14:18 25 Feb 2013

Unless you looked at the names and types of files we shall never know....

Maybe you should check that C:Windows/Temp hasn't somehow been set as the default folder to save to for files and Browser downloads. If all the programs and OS and personal data only come to 10 GB doesn't sound as if much/any personal data files, also where are the restore points saved? they should take up about 12% of total drive.

  onthelimit1 16:35 25 Feb 2013

Thanks lotvic - for some reason, there were no restore points until I set one. He has a few phots and a number of docs - no videos, so the space now showing as used is not unreasonable. I'll check on the defaults and report back.

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