W7 - Galaxy Sll not recognised

  m800afc 22:47 30 Nov 2013

Win 7 Pro 64bit: Intel Core i7 CPU [email protected] 3.81GHz 12Gb RAM ATI Radeon HD 5770 Monitor 1 - BenQ2400W (Landscape) Monitor 2 - BenQ2400W (Portrait) : Epson Stylus Photo R1900.

I have been happily connecting my Galaxy Sll to my W7 box for a good while. I just plug it in and the phone appears on the taskbar as another HDD.

I connected my phone this morning to find an error message saying that "one of the usb devices has malfunctioned and is not recognised. Windows does not recognise it"

How can I get it to connect again. I have tried Safe mode, but it has no effect.

All help will be gratefully received

  m800afc 14:55 01 Dec 2013


Normally it's plug and play, and I have no need for Kies, however I tried using Samsung Kies setup to reinstall the Galaxy S2 drivers. Kies setup completes normally but now the error message is "the device driver software was not successfully installed". Running the Kies troubleshooter did not help . I have also tried both in Safe Mode with no joy.

  rdave13 15:40 01 Dec 2013

NirSoft has a free software for viewing installed and connected, as well an unconnected, usb devices. Click here. If you connect the phone to a usb port then it will highlight it when you connect it. All connected devices are highlighted. Disconnect the phone then right click the port and you can uninstall it using right click and selecting uninstall. It should then reload the generic drivers again when you reconnect. Have a read on the help files. Just don't uninstall the keyboard or mouse (HID)!! Double left clicking gives more info. It should name the phone on the left column as it names my Lumia on one port and Windows phone on another. Worth a look.

  m800afc 17:34 01 Dec 2013


I shutdown my computer and my phone completely, taking the battery out of the phone. After a couple of hours I fired up the computer, replaced the battery in the phone and restarted it. When I connected the phone to my PC everything was working as usual.

It's a solution. It does not, however tell me why it happened, or how to prevent it happening in future.

  Woolwell 17:38 01 Dec 2013

I used to get that sort of problem with a Galaxy 1. Never found the reason and that problem plus Kies is why I moved away from Samsung.

  woodchip 18:33 01 Dec 2013

Windows and Android do not get on very well as they are different file systems

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