W7 C drive (SSD) not recognised.

  m800afc 11:53 20 Jun 2012

W7 C drive (SSD) not recognised.

I am unable to start my W7 computer. On examination the C drive is not recognised by either the BIOS or the boot manager. If I attempt to repair using original W7 disk, system restore does not work, because all the restore points are on the C disk. The other option in repair asks me to load drivers. I have no idea which drivers to load, but when I browse to look for drivers, the C drive is shown, and I can navigate around the drive. All the expected files are there, except the Windows folder. I have run bootrec /scanos and it reports that there are no installations of W7. How can I get the C drive,which is an SSD, to be recognised, so that I can do a re-install of W7?

  robin_x 12:01 20 Jun 2012

Juat Cancel/OK the Load Drivers and go onto Repair.

  m800afc 12:48 20 Jun 2012


Thanks for the suggestion, but the repair option does not work. The problem seems to be that it cannot repair an OS that does not exist, on a drive it cannot "see".

  KRONOS the First 13:07 20 Jun 2012

Not sure why you tried to do a repair if the SSD cannot be seen by either BIOS or boot manager. The first thing I would try is another Sata cable and another power cable to the drive.

  rdave13 23:41 20 Jun 2012

By "boot manager" do you mean the temporary boot order screen that you can get, in my case tapping the ESC key? The reason I ask is since I changed from IDE to AHCI no drives are shown in my bios and only the optical drive and usb show in the boot order. Win 7 was loading fine until I went in to the bios to check something. Exited the bios and only a black screen showing. So forced restart and the same again. Another restart and got to the temporary boot order screen and lo and behold all the drives were showing. Selected the C: drive (SSD) and it loads the necessary AHCI drivers for both HDDs and now boots up OK every time. If I go back to the bios I have to go through the same routine again. Don't know if that will help at all.

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