W7 64 Bit & Printer

  David4637 13:42 21 Apr 2010

A friend is considering buying a Tosh lappy but the cheap deal is 64 bit only - probably W7 OS is the "home" version. Will his printer Canon IP 4300 work?
1.If not is there a work around by using the compatibilty mode?
2.Can you switch the OS to 32 bit easily?
Thanks David

  mgmcc 13:51 21 Apr 2010

There shouldn't be a problem using the printer with Windows 7 64-bit. There are some additional files available for Windows 7 (32/64 bit) on Canon's site click here

In general, 32-bit programs install in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\

64-bit programs install in the normal C:\Program Files\

  Press Man 13:56 21 Apr 2010
  skeletal 14:06 21 Apr 2010

“Can you switch the OS to 32 bit easily?” No. The only way would be to uninstall the 64 bit version and install the 32 bit version, or use a dual boot system.

However, most newish 32 bit programs will run under a 64 bit OS, as will most newish peripherals. Which brings us to the other part of the question, and there is nothing for it but to try to find out, on an individual basis, if there are suitable drivers, and that a particular “old favourite” program will work.


  robin_x 14:46 21 Apr 2010

I had to replace my Lexmark.

There is no difference between 32 and 64bit as far as compatibility is concerned ('ish)

Main problem is upgrading from XP to W7.
If stuff works with Vista, you have a better chance that it will work with W7 or can find a workaround.

Check m'frs webpages.

Don't forget to check if the modem(router) is compatible with W7 if the laptop plugs into it.

If it is shared through another PC it is OK

  robin_x 14:48 21 Apr 2010

XP mode is not available on W7 Home Premium. Need Ultimate or Professional.

But there is a compatibility mode in Properties for any program which works for most programs.

I got MS Office 2000 running fine.

  tes 17:04 21 Apr 2010

I run windows7 64bit & I have had no problems with my Canon ip4300

  David4637 12:48 22 Apr 2010

Thanks all for your very helpful replies. It looks like tes has hit the nail on the head - IP4300 works on W7, which is good. Whether his earlier software will work we will have to see. Thanks again David

  morddwyd 09:24 23 Apr 2010

I went straight from XP to Win 7 64 bit with no problems on any hardware or software, apart from having to update drivers, which the O/S did automatically.

If you do have a problem try right clicking the .exe file and "Run as Administrator"

I had to do this with my HP printer, notoriously flakey.

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