W7 32 / 64 Bit ?

  David4637 11:17 19 Jan 2010

What are the advantages / disadvantages of the above, in particluar to software applications working / not?
Thanks David

  howard64 12:19 19 Jan 2010

I am using 64bit xp pro and have not had any problems with hardware apart from an old webcam. Certain programmes will either not install or if installed do not run with their full specifications. If you have fairly new hardware and up to date progs you should have no trouble with the 64bit version. If it is anywhere near as good as the 64bit xp it will be really stable and very fast in operation.

  GaT7 12:33 19 Jan 2010

You can determine what will/won't work by checking at the manufacturer's website for 64-bit versions of the software you use.

You can also visit Microsoft's Win7 Compatibility site click here & carry out related searches.

PCA forum thread click here about what has been tested so far.

Also worth trying to install & run non-working software only in Compatibility Mode click here. G

  David4637 13:53 19 Jan 2010

Thanks for your replies, I have old software running on XP (probably 32 Bit), which I would not really want to buy again for W7 if possible. Will most of these work in W7 compatibility mode, or is it hit/miss to find out? Thanks again David

  GaT7 14:03 19 Jan 2010

With Win7 64-bit, some software automatically gets installed in the Program Files(x86) folder. I think 32-bit software gets installed in this fashion, so some 32-bit software does work.

What old software do you have? Can you provide a list? If they come with free trials, I could try them on my system* running Win7 64-bit & get back to you. G

*It's only a test install, so no problem if it gets trashed!

  howard64 14:59 19 Jan 2010

unfortunately just because something is listed as compatible does not mean it will work. My logitech webcam is shown as compatible and has xp 64bit software but does not work. My advice to you would be to stick to 32bit and all should run just fine.

  Labdweller 16:26 19 Jan 2010

If you hardware supports 64-bit, install 64-bit Windows. If 64-bit versions of certain software does not exist, it should be possible to install the 32-bit version.

  john bunyan 17:07 19 Jan 2010

Another thread worth a look at:
click here.
I installed the 64 bit as I wanted to use more than 3 gig RAM. So far so good - had to buy updated ATI 2010 and Roxio Creator 2010, but I think that applied to 32 bit also. The true XP compatability mode in W7 needs the right hardware - unfortunaetly my CPU wont accept it but, for example, Photoshop and other applicatons work in 32 bit , if you want, even on a 64 bit system.I ound that the Twain scan only works in 32 bit so launch PS in that for scanning.

  I am Spartacus 21:15 19 Jan 2010

One of the advantages is that you can use/see more memory. However in practise you'd need a 64 bit application to make use of it. Furthermore that task would need to be processor and memory intensive e.g Video encoding rendering to get the full benefit.

I'd be very surprised if anyone not using a 64 bit Video package or a few virtual machines and possibly professional 64 bit image editing programs are actually making use of more than a fraction of the RAM.

I'm not really a gamer but would be interested if anyone has actually seen any benefit from have more than say 2-3GB of RAM i.e. increased frame rates.

The only speed advantage I'm seeing in a few applications with Windows 7 64 bit is now down to an overclocked CPU. It's actually slower encoding video with Adobe Premiere Elements 3 than XP. I'm having to upgrade to the latest version of Premiere Elements to see a performance improvement and that's wholly down to its more effective use of multiple threads including hyperthreading.

  David4637 13:06 20 Jan 2010

Thanks for your replies, the link to another PCA thread had some good points. It really says not a lot advantage going for 64 bit if you have old s/w, and could cause more probs than it solves. David

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