[email protected] virus problem

  Newuser450 00:06 03 Apr 2003

Friend of mine recently had his two year old Acer PC infected with this vireu. We followed the Symantec instructions for removing it, sucessfully.
Problem now is that when he tries to start Word from the desktop, the machine freezes. On Ctrl Alt Del, it reports that the machine is dangerously low on resources, (56k memory), then requests shutdown of multitude of apps, finally coming up with blue screen 'kernal gpf @ user.exe 0003:00003987.

Anybody out there seen this before?



  AndySD 00:36 03 Apr 2003

Is Word from Office or Works?

  Newuser450 00:41 03 Apr 2003

Good question. Works. I wondered if the problem was un-related to the virus, as no viruses are now reported. Re-install Works?


  AndySD 00:48 03 Apr 2003


  Newuser450 01:14 03 Apr 2003

Sort of knew you were gonna say that. Dreaded it. Means I've gotta put up with his kids again.



  Newuser450 17:40 05 Apr 2003

OK. Have reinstalled Works, and all apps seem to be OK except Word. The installation process seems to be ongoing, as when we try to open Word, it asks for the 25 character key code.

You guessed it. He doesn't have the code any more. Tried codes specific to Publisher and Windows with no joy. Do we need a code specific to Word?


  VoG™ 17:46 05 Apr 2003

This response may be a bit late but...

That low on resources commonly occurs when the default document template NORMAL.DOT becomes corrupted. To resolve this, search for NORMAL.DOT and rename all instances to ABNORMAL.DOT

The product key that you are being asked for is for Works or Word.

  Newuser450 08:34 06 Apr 2003

Thanks for that VoG. I do seem to remember seeing something about NORMAL.DOC being a source of trouble. I'll try it and let you know.


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