[email protected] virus

  Pesala 09:36 29 Jul 2003

I just an email from Mail Delivery System [email protected]>

With a Norton Antiirus text file attached saying:

Norton AntiVirus removed the attachment: ColdFootieInstructions.mp3.scr.

The attachment was infected with the [email protected] virus

I ran the tool from Symantec that is supposed to remove this worm, but it was not found on my system. VoG says that I've been spoofed, but who is sending this email. Is it really a returned email sent from my computer, or what is exactly is going on?

  Jester2K II 09:45 29 Jul 2003

Norton intercepted th virus and stopped it getting onto your system Thats why the scan didn't show the virus. Hence it said....

"Norton AntiVirus REMOVED the attachment: ColdFootieInstructions.mp3.scr"

The e-mail has probably come from someone else but the e-mail address has been changed or "spoofed". Its difficult to proove who its really from.

  Pesala 09:56 29 Jul 2003

Will there be any details in the Header information that could be compared with a genuine email from another person to prove that they sent the spoof email?

  Jester2K II 09:59 29 Jul 2003

You might be able to find the IP address and then try and work it out from there. If the sender was on dial up networking then they will have a dynamic IP address and it'll now be used by someone else. You'd have to work out their ISP and ask the ISP to tell you who used IP address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx at time / date. Doubt they'd tell you anyway.

  Pesala 10:09 29 Jul 2003

It is a pity that ISPs don't do more to combat it. If they had a complaint logging system, they could soon tell if someone was sending spam or spoof emails.

Thanks anyway. I guess I have nothing much to worry about.

  Jester2K II 10:13 29 Jul 2003

It the virus that does the spoofing - not the sender..... Blame the virus writer and not the ISP or the person who's PC sent it (although you could blame them for not having up to date Anti Virus)

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