davepigott 12:27 30 Sep 2003

Just got my new PC from NetHighStreet (no complaints there), however, no sooner had I installed Norton Internet Security and connected to the Web, I was promptly informed that my system was infected with the W32.Welchia.Worm.

What was even more disappointing was that Norton could not (i) repair, (ii) quarantine, or (iii) delete any of the infected files. So I've still got it on my system!!

Can anybody tell me how bad this virus is and what it does to your system, please?

Norton did suggest downloading their repair tool, but having read on it does mean doing a bit of fiddling with some settings, and it also deletes files from the registry (which sounds scary!!)

It also says I should check the digital-signature of the tool before using it, but that sounds easier said than done!!

Is this worm going to wreck my new system? Any help would be much appreciated.


  Chegs ® 12:33 30 Sep 2003

Another of these damn worms floating round the web....

Reboot puter and press F8 to get into safemode,search for the virus(whatever name its hiding under)delete it.Reboot.

Switch off system restore before doing the above,or XP will save a copy of the virus to reinstall soon as you reboot.

  Mankster 12:34 30 Sep 2003
  Jester2K II 12:43 30 Sep 2003

"XP will save a copy of the virus to reinstall soon as you reboot" No it doesn't! What can happen is your virus scanner will detect it in the System restore folder and not be able to remove it. Just because its in SR doesn't mean it'll come back FROM SR. If you delete it and don't pacth your PC then it'll come back off the net within 30 seconds or so....

Get this RPC Patch and install it. click here

Then run Stinger click here to remove the virus.

then get Anti Virus (click here AVG 6 is free) and keep it up to date.

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