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I posted a couple weeks back earlier that after completing a virus scan online at the Symantec web-site it found the following infected..

C:\WINDOWS\system32\TFTP840 is infected with W32.Blaster.Worm

Since then I have also been to the McAfee web-site and performed a freescan and that did not find anything and also the W32.Blaster.Worm removal tool found nothing either.

Can I safely delete the TFTP840 file?

Anyone else have this problem?

Do I or do I not have the blaster worm?

Should I reformat my hard drive and install Windows again and is it as simple as putting in the Windows recovery disk and my computer will be exactly how it was when I received it?

I have Telewest Broadband, how easy is it to configure the set-up? When the technician came round he was typing in some addresses and I don't know what they were?

I run AOL over my broadband connection and when I go to Network Connections>Highlight AOL on the dial up section and try to change the setting of this connection it will not let me is this normal? and is it normal for it to be firewalled? as I don't remember firewalling it.

Recently I have had an unauthorised transaction
on my current account of £467. The transaction was eurobet.com, I have never had any problems like this before and have been buying goods from the internet since `97 and was wondering can the W32.Blaster.Worm make you card details vulnerable to being grabbed while sending your details? or is the Blaster.Worm not like that?

  Peverelli 23:29 23 Oct 2003


  VoG II 23:37 23 Oct 2003

As far as I know Blaster does not try to harvest credit card details.

How can you have both AOL and Telewest Blueyonder - totally mystified on that one!

Have you got a virus? Disable System Restore click here then run Stinger click here

Once you are sure that you are "clean" re-enable System Restore.

  Djohn 23:45 23 Oct 2003

AOL will not let a virus through via email. All incoming/outgoing mail is scanned by them, so must have come in by other means.

To activate the firewall on your AOL broadband account. Click on start/connect to/show all connections. You will see 2 Icons 1 for AOL and 1 for the broadband modem.

Right click the modem Icon, choose properties and click on the "Advanced" tab. From there you will be able to use the Wizard to set-up your firewall. j.

  ollie < one> 21:52 24 Oct 2003


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