codhead77 08:38 15 Aug 2003

I have been caught with this virus and after 3 worring hours i finally got rid of it. After updating the norton internet security program i am told it has failed because i need to update symantec common client, how do i do this as i can find no reference to it in any help file and i have searched all over but i cant find it

  mark500 08:42 15 Aug 2003

Double click your globe in the taskbar by the clock and then run live update.

  Andsome 09:33 15 Aug 2003

I always check once each week on live update, even though av defiles are downloaded automatically. This ensures that other bits and pieces of Norton are kept up to date.

  codhead77 08:43 16 Aug 2003

I have ran the update quite a few times and every thing is upto date apart from the norton internet security program update, when the update is finished it fails and a pop up box appears saying "live update must update symantec common client please update this first restart your computer and run live update again" I have restarted my computer and ran the update again but the same thing happens. Could this be something to do with the blaster virus and should i re install the norton programs

  Forum Editor 09:06 16 Aug 2003

the special virus removal tool from Symantec
click here

Then download the Microsoft patch - get full information and help with this on the special Microsoft information page
click here

Follow the Microsoft instructions. Before you run the Symantec removal tool you must:

1. Start your computer in safe mode

2. Disable any anti-virus software

3. If you are using WinXP you must turn off the system restore facility.

Then run the tool. Go for a coffee/tea while it inspects every file on your hard drive. When it has finished it will have detected and fixed one infected file and modified one registry entry. Now you can install the Microsoft patch.

My advice is that you create a special temporary folder on your desktop and download both the Symantec tool and the MS patch to it. Run them from there. The Symantec tool will generate a text file log (that tells you what it did), and it will put it in the folder.

Once all this has been done you can reboot the machine into normal mode. If you wish you may now safely delete the folder you created. Don't forget to turn your system restore back on, and check that your anti-virus software is running.

If you're not sure how to turn off the system restore facility in WinXP - this is how to do it:

1. Go to Start and click 'all programs'

2. Navigate to accessories/system tools/system restore and click on it.

3. Look for the blue text link that says 'system restore settings' and click it.

4. Look for the tick box that says 'Turn off system restore on all drives' and tick it.

5. Click on 'Apply' and ignore the warnings.

Reverse the process to turn it back on again.

  ribo 10:25 16 Aug 2003

Can I butt in here please. I have been trying to download the "norton internet security update"just like codhead 77. I get the message that this could not load because "live update must update symantec redirector please update this first restart and run liveupdate again" Sounds like a very similar problem but with a different meassage. I have not had the 32 blaster worm (that I know of) would you recomend using the removal tool as per the Forum Editors instructions?
I did uninstall the Norton Firewall and ran a live update - It said all updates were up todate- I then reinstalled the Firewall,ran live update and I again got the message about having to update the redirector.!!.I have been in touch with Symantec, but so far, no joy. Thanks,I await your help. J

  ribo 11:48 16 Aug 2003


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