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  Yo Ho 06:02 03 Sep 2004

I have been infected while doing a clean install, with 2 worms, 1 Trojan, and 1 virus. Presume I picked them up, when defences were down, while downloading drivers. Managed to get rid of all, but the W32 Spybot. My puter keeps spuriously rebooting, sometimes rebooting before it has rebooted, if you get my drift. I have downloaded symantec removal tool, but still there. Have disabled System Restore, etc. Running AVG, but doesn't show up in it, only on a symantec scan.
I'm running on Win XP Pro.
Just tried to save this post in notepad, but wouldn't save!
Will post this, and add more later, in case I crash again.
Any help please.

  Yo Ho 06:15 03 Sep 2004

When I run Spybot, I get, DSO Exploit 5 entries. I click remove, and it says it has removed them, but when I do another scan, they are still there.
I have Zone Alarm on at the moment, and run both Adware SE 1.3, and Spybot. I am on an ADSL connection.
I have downloaded Zone Alarm, Adware, & Spybot, and stored them on a 256mb USB Jump Drive, in case I have to do another clean install. Is there a chance that these too could be infected?

  Yo Ho 06:18 03 Sep 2004

Sorry. Doing this in instalments.
The Symantec Removal Tool I used, was FX Sasser. Is that the right one?

  Yo Ho 06:38 03 Sep 2004

If I were to purchase Symantec Anti Virus, would it remove the baddies, including Registry Files, automatically? I can ill afford it, but I need my puter running.

  the kopite 06:46 03 Sep 2004

dso exploit is not a worm leave it it is harmless

  Brian-336451 06:52 03 Sep 2004

I downloaded Kaspersky Antivirus Personal off the net not long ago. It has a small footprint and seems transparent in operation.

Their philosophy is to download small updates on a daily basis rather than Symantec's which (if memory serves) is every Wednesday unless they have 'specials'.

It's reasonably cheap (about £24.00) and I LIKE it.

Good luck

Oh and by the way my copy of Spybot (1.3) picks up the DSO five items and like 'the kopite' said, I'm ignoring them.

  Brian-336451 06:56 03 Sep 2004


What I meant to say was do a virus check with it, copy the flash drive files to a temp directory so they can be included in the scan, if they're OK you'll know and stop the 'worry factory'.

Good luck.

  phil 07:09 03 Sep 2004

How old is your copy of XP. Mines about 3 yrs old now and I've had this a couple of times when re-installing and cured it by installing SP1.

I think it's something to do with a corrupt file in the original version. That's why it doesn't show in your AV.

You just have to keep plugging away until it stops.

  Yo Ho 07:34 03 Sep 2004

Thanks guys.
My XP would be oldish, but I did install service pk1 when installing, and downloaded service pk2.
Have downloaded a trial version of Kaspersky, and I'm doing a scan now. There are files it can't scan. I'm getting the message, to scan archive C:\.../BPS Popup-Watch.Ink, enter password. Seems to be quite a lot of those files, but I haven't set up any password protected files. Would this be another result of infection?

  rawprawn 07:43 03 Sep 2004

As the kopite says DSO Exploit is harmless, it is a glitch in Spybot and has been discussed many times before in this forum. If you enable beta in Spybot and update it will disappear, or type dso exploit into google there are lots of cures about.

  Yo Ho 07:58 03 Sep 2004

Thanks Rawprawn.
Had a pig squeal at me, while doing the Kaspersky scan. Took me unawares! lol It found something, and has bashed it. It has almost finished, so will go to Symantec site, and do another scan, to see what happens this time.

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