W2k server DNS query

  zoomer 18:52 20 Oct 2003

set up DNS server in small network, DNS works but when I do a nslookup it doesnt return the server name,says the name of the default serer cant be found (or similar)DNS seems to work ok tho....

  spikeychris 19:00 20 Oct 2003

nslookup is the definitive way of locating the server. Are you sure you have set up correctly?

  zoomer 20:38 20 Oct 2003

just solved it, just needed to add a pointer record for the server itself in the reverse lookup zone.......... thanks for the reply tho, I`m just playing around with DNS server on w2k, kinda familiar with the DNS concept through implementing it on Linux. W2k seems a breeze instead of manually creating zone files and in-addr-arpa etc......havent got Active Directory up yet either but I had it running with DHCP etc last year so I`ll prob start from square one now.......

  spikeychris 21:35 20 Oct 2003

Loopback is also a common problem. A few years ago I started using dnscmd "IP address" /info, makes life a lot easier.

  zoomer 06:24 21 Oct 2003

thanks again, might solicit your thoughts for salient points when I`ve to write the essay..... :=)

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