W2K printer sharing problem (user account)

  recap 19:34 29 Nov 2003

Hi all,

Hope somebody can help with this one as I have ran out of ideas. At work we run a W2K network, most clients are W2K with one being XP home. All clients can access the networked printers (a Konica the other a Sharp printer/copier)ok. The xp home machine has only one user. When ever he logs out he loses his printer connection.

If I log in under my account there is no problem. I cannot leave my account open for him as it is the admin account.

If this user logs on to any W2K client he has access to the printers.

Thanks in advance, recap.

Will look in tomorrow for any responses.

  spikeychris 19:44 29 Nov 2003

Hello Alan. Your not using AD are you? you've got that third party posh network kit. Does XP automatically search for network printers, in folder options > view?

This can be a problem with XP on a 2K NW.


Mail me.

  recap 14:10 30 Nov 2003

Thanks Chris, will look into to it tomorrow at work.

  recap 14:24 30 Nov 2003

Sorry Chris didn't really answer your question there did I?.

We are using AD.

"Third party posh network kit"?

If you mean the iNTY then yes, but that should have no effect on the W2K network as it is for the Internet. The iNTY really only controls the DNS of the network and anything relating to the Internet emailing, WWW etc.

I have just done a W2K Exchange server course and found that there is a lot of what the iNTY does that W2K Exchange does also.

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