W XP display settings

  Newuser964 17:15 29 Aug 2003

Is this some virus or what?
My W XP is usually set to display at 1024 x 768, 24 bit - out of a choice between 256 colours, 24 bit and 32 bit.

However, recently, after booting to the normal setting, some program in a DOS box flashes on and off the screen, foll. by the setting dropping to 8 bit [an option not normally even offered.] I have then a choice between 16 bit [again, not normally an option]and 32 bit. That stays put until I reboot, when the whole farce is repeated.

From what I can glimpse of the header, the program that flashes on and off the screen is something to do with Windows/System32 - but what?


  Djohn 17:28 29 Aug 2003

It may be that the graphic card drivers are corrupted, and need re-installing. If you have them to hand, then go into control panel, select settings/advanced/adaptor/properties, insert your driver CD, or floppy into drive, then follow on-screen instructions to "find better driver". j.

  Newuser964 21:06 29 Aug 2003

J - thanks - however I've done that, indeed downloaded new from net, and still it happens!


  Legolas 21:23 29 Aug 2003

Hane you installed and ran a virus checker? If not click here

  Newuser964 21:31 29 Aug 2003

Yip - it has just dealt w. Blast Worm, but hasn't found anything else!


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