W-Force USB 6 in 1 Memory Reader/Writer Panel

  billyliv 12:51 30 Sep 2003

Hi, I have just bought the above front Panel to fit into my machine.(Model: UCR - 525) The manual is rather sparse and there is no manual on the supplied disc. Forgetting the 1394 extension Port, I need a little help with the cable connections. 1).The supplied 'Y' USB cable, I assume the plug end is fitted to the header behind the USB sockets on the panel and the other end with the separate pin connectors are fitted to the front USB header pins on the motherboard. (My motherboard is an 'INTEL' D850MV). 2). I have another supplied cable that connects to the little socket behind the card reader slots, the questions are, 'Where do I connect the other end to?' Do I have to buy a PCI USB card to achieve a connection for the card reader?. I dont want to open up the machine until I am sure of the connections. looking forward for your assistance in this matter. cheers, Bill. L.

Self Build P4 system Win. XP Home.

  billyliv 19:46 30 Sep 2003

Through trial and error I have sorted it out. The card reader is installed as is 1 front USB socket. I will need to get a PCI USB card if I want the other front USB socket activated. cheers, Bill

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