VxD's + MinSP's??? - come again!?

  Gem 14:01 17 Apr 2003

I just turned my computer on only to be greeted with yet another message that might as well have been in Chinese. It told me that I have a stock overflow problem and to either increase the setting of MinSP's in system.INI or remove recently installed VxD's. It also said that currently 6 SP's are allocated.
Firstly, I have absolutely no idea what VxD's or MinSP's are, and if I don't know what they are, how can I have possibly recently installed some?
Can someone help me here, please? I use my computer every day, but stuff like this means nothing to me.
Thank you so much for your help.

  MartinT-B 14:51 17 Apr 2003

a VxD is a virtual device driver. The x means extended.

These are usually created by your OS (operating System) in order for it to monitor 'talk' between applications and parts of the OS such as the Kernel (a very basic part of the OS).

You have a known issue - and luckily there is a resolution.


There are no spare stack pages. It may be necessary to increase the setting of 'MinSPs' in System.ini to prevent possible stack faults. There are currently <nnn> SPs allocated.

where <nnn> is the # of SPs, in your case 6. SPs are stack pages, MinSPs is the minimum number.

This error can occur when Windows 95/98 encounters an internal overflow of the stacks used by 32-bit Windows device drivers. Please note that this is not related to the "Stacks=" line in the Config.sys file, which is used for 16-bit MS-DOS device drivers.

Stack overflow conditions are indicative of errors in the device driver. Device drivers are allocated 4 kilobytes (one page) of space to be used as a stack. If the device driver uses more than 4 kilobytes of memory, a stack overflow condition occurs.

Windows 95/98 sets aside a number of extra memory pages (spare stack pages) to be used temporarily to prevent a system "crash" due to a stack overflow condition. When the stack overflow condition has passed, Windows 95/98 reclaims the temporary page. The default number of spare stack pages is 2.

If Windows 95/98 detects that it has run out of spare stack pages, the warning message stated above is displayed. Windows 95/98 continues to operate normally unless a device driver encounters a stack overflow condition when there are no free spare stack pages.

As I said there is a resolution, but you will need to edit your System.ini file.
Are you confident to do that?

If so,

To resolve this situation, add the following line to the [386Enh] section of the System.ini file and then restart your computer:


If the problem persists, increase the number of spare stack pages in increments of 4 (for example, 8, 12, 16). NOTE: Each spare stack page requires 4 kilobytes of memory.

This has been copied from: click here


  Gem 11:35 19 Apr 2003

Sorry to be a pain again, but just wanted to make sure!
The message that was displayed on my computer wasn't exactly the same as the one in Martin's answer (but nearly). I'm not too confident in changing settings on my computer, although I'll give it a try if I have to.
What would happen if i didn't do anything though? Will my computer eventually crash if I leave things as they are? I haven't had this message again since I first asked my question?
And why did it appear in the first place? I didn't download install anything new on to my computer.
Thanks again for your help.

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