VxD error message

  Fahara 21:40 12 Feb 2004

Quite frequently when I am shutting down my computer, the screen changes to a blue DOS-style screen with the error message:

"An exception OE has occurred at 0028:00000017 in VxD ---. This was called from 0028:C00301F9 in VxD NTKERN (01) + 0000E5FD. It may be possible to continue normally

Press any key to continue"......etc

What is this? Why does it happen? and Can I sort it out????

Pleaaaasse help!!

  johnnyrocker 21:42 12 Feb 2004



  Fahara 21:44 12 Feb 2004

Win 98 se

  Gongoozler 21:51 12 Feb 2004

Hi Fahara. Can you give us some more background information. What version of Windows, what hardware such as the motherboard. Have you recently fitted any hardware or installed any software.

  Gongoozler 21:53 12 Feb 2004

Apparently ntkern.vxd is part of the USB support software included in Win 98, so you may have a device that is conflicting with your USB ports.

  Fahara 21:57 12 Feb 2004

Well the C:drive has recently been formatted (for the third time). The motherboard is a MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL MS-6340 (VT8363). New sound card recently fitted (SoundBlaster PCI 128) and drivers (but problem happened prior to this installation). What else do u need to know? How do I work out if a device is conflicting with my USB ports?

  woodchip 22:12 12 Feb 2004

Have you loaded the Motherboard Drivers that should have come with the motherboard

  Fahara 22:19 12 Feb 2004

NO....I do not have the motherboard drivers....the only drivers I have installed are the graphics drivers which I had and the soundcard drivers which were installed for me with the card

  DieSse 22:24 12 Feb 2004

This motherboard uses a Via chipset. the motherboard drivers are very important for the correct functioning of graphics, IDE and USB - and make a vast improvement in speed.

For Via drivers go to click here

  Boluwd 00:17 13 Feb 2004


  Fahara 21:24 22 Feb 2004

What does 'bump' mean?

Also - what drivers do I need to install from the website mentioned by DieSse in order to solve the problem?

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