VX2 MalWare Keeps Coming Back!!!

  Gaz W 13:23 10 Nov 2004

A couple of weeks ago when I started my computer (Windows XP Pro) a popup appeared, without me going on the internet. In the title bar it said http:// morze . cafreedom . com, and the popup was saying I might have spyware and to click a link to begin scanning - as if I'd click it!

Anyway I ran Ad-Aware and it found a few items, but the one that stood out was VX2 and was categorised as MalWare. It couldn't delete the file vgz.dll, so I had to delete it via the command prompt. Doing this closed all Explorer and Internet Explorer windows, which presumably is because it was running/using Explorer. It actually restarted explorer completely, so everything disappeared for a moment.

Having got rid of it, I had no problems... until the next time. It keeps coming back, sometimes when I'm logged on, other times when I've restarted... I can't see when it's coming back - just seems random.

I haven't been on any dodgy sites, so I can only assume that there's another file other than vgz.dll still on my hard disk somewhere that Ad-Aware, Spybot and AVG won't detect.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


  BH34 13:32 10 Nov 2004

You can try this add-on from ad-aware
click here

  Gaz W 13:48 10 Nov 2004

Thanks for that link.

However, when I run it, it says System Clean, which I assume is because I've got rid of the spyware.

Obviously it must just be coming back when I use certain sites, which I can't pinpoint.

Is there a way I can block VX2 from ever coming back?

  SANTOS7 13:57 10 Nov 2004

click here this may help,good luck......

  BH34 14:00 10 Nov 2004

Have you got SpywareBlaster click here

  Gaz W 15:36 10 Nov 2004

Thanks for those links,

My system appears to be clean again at the moment, but I'll keep you posted.


Does SpywareBlaster scan your computer or just protect against spyware?

I've made it protect against, but it doesn't seem to run in the background or anything. Am I doing something wrong?

  BH34 15:55 10 Nov 2004

Gaz W It does run in the background you just don't see it

  Gaz W 00:48 11 Nov 2004

You certainly don't see it - I looked through all my processes the load on startup etc and found nothing! Still I haven't had VX2 since installing it - fingers crossed.

  Gaz W 00:49 11 Nov 2004

I think this thread can be resolved now. Thanks both of you for your help,


  Dan the Confused 01:37 11 Nov 2004

SpywareBlaster doesn't run in the background at all, it works in the same way as Spybot's Immunize feature. click here

  Stuartli 10:12 11 Nov 2004

It "works in the background" to the extent that you are not aware it is operating nor do you have to open it to use it, other than to update.

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