Vundo -arrrgh -there's more

  Andanotherthing 14:04 01 Jul 2008

Still struggling with Vundo -ran Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware - and it found more incidents of Vundo than anything else but on cleaning it asked to reboot - after reboot I got 'Group policy client failed to login' and I could only get in by hitting F5 on boot and selecting 'last known good configuration' - this is getting scary! Any help with this latest drama?

(Spybot keeps finding 2 incidents of Virtumonde and says it has got rid but they are still there on re-scan..)


  Mac70 15:11 01 Jul 2008

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Read my post about suitable forums for assistance.

Vundo is used by organised crims for making a lot of money. Did you really think a run of the mill anti-spy program would shift it cleanly?

  mfletch 15:18 01 Jul 2008

I personly would go to a malware removal site and let the experts have a look,
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But you could try using Combofix

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  Mac70 15:22 01 Jul 2008

mfletch, the use of Combofix should only be done with the assistance of someone who knows how to use it.
And those people have access to hidden forums where it's use is discussed.

  Halmer 15:24 01 Jul 2008

(so that I can avoid it having read about it!)?

  Severn Bore 19:41 01 Jul 2008

Further to my post on the earlier thread, it seems I have got rid ofVundoVirtumone althoughI say this with great trepidation in case it reappears!
After running a full, thorough virus scan with Avast, it resorted to a scan during reboot. This took ages (overnight!)as I have three external hard drives attached to my PC. This morning it seemed all was clear, but I ran SuperAntiSpy just in case. This found two instances of Vunndo which it quarantined! I then re-ran Avast during a reboot. This found nothing.
Since then all seems to be well, but I am working on my PC with everything crossed.
Hope this gives some hel and encouragement to And anotherthing and other forum members.
It is a pitu that there is not just a single, infallible way of getting rid of this blight on the Internet.The creators should be crucified if found, given the anguish caused to so many ordinary people who just want to get on with their lives.

  mfletch 20:21 01 Jul 2008

I completely agree but as you and I have suggested going to these sites but the poster has not done so how else are they going to get rid of the vundu infection if they do not try different methods

They do have two threads going,

click here

  Andanotherthing 09:01 04 Jul 2008

I think I started this thread by mistake - - all clear now thanks to Scotty at Virus Vault - thank you so much for recommending this. I will keep Malwarebyte's programme too.

Many thanks for all the good advice here!

  Sea Urchin 16:01 04 Jul 2008

Mark resolved on both threads?

  woodchip 16:04 04 Jul 2008

Online Scanners click here

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