vStrange, unknown problem. PLEASE help me brothers

  Fabio Ma 14:53 26 Apr 2017

So i shut down my pc yesterday. I left the room while it was signing out. Later i return and its still shutting down. Just a hangup, killed it. Thats where the trouble started. When i start the computer i either get a blackscreen with cursor in which i can use task manager, start explorer etc. but still nothing changes. Or it will boot normally but when i try to connect to the internet it will keep loading eternally. In either case when i shut it down it will stay in "shutting down..." indefinetely. If i reconnect my lan it will stay in identifying network forever. Please help, this is the weirdest situation i ever had.

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  Forum Editor 16:26 26 Apr 2017

Which version of Windows is involved?

  Fabio Ma 19:08 26 Apr 2017

Windows 7 professional

pc advisor thinks this was spam

  wee eddie 19:21 26 Apr 2017

Fabio Ma: If it had been Spam, it would no longer be here.

As it is, the Silver Mouse has been busy and made things acceptable to our wide and varied congregation

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