VPU game crash?

  podlod 16:11 14 Jan 2010

Hi, My sons prob is that he has been playing games like Oblivion, Fallout 3, etc and has had no problem until now. After 10min or 20 mins the games crash or whatever he has on his PC. The Computer itself works ok, it is just when he plays a game or watches a video on utube. His Graphics card is ATI Radeon hp 4800 and he has enough memory etc;A panel comes up and reads as follows; `VPU recover has reset graphic driver acc is no longer responding to graphic driver commands.` He has unticked the VPU in ATI but it still does the same, and when he reverts back to work on the PC, all the lettering, everything for that matter has enlarged to double the size as if he has changed the resolution,I hope you understand my complicated way of explaining things, any help please?

  User-1229748 16:35 14 Jan 2010

are the drivers the latest ? or if they are try the ones from the pc manufacturers downloads site

  User-1229748 16:37 14 Jan 2010

could be overheating also

  podlod 09:57 15 Jan 2010

hi, his drivers are up to date, but since he changed the resolution on the game his pc resolution now has changed auto,how can he return to his normal settings also as previous.

  podlod 12:27 15 Jan 2010

Hi, I have found out since that he has tried to download the driver for his card but unable to find the actual driver needed, ??
His graphics card is ATI ASUS EAH 4850 series HP W20
any luck for a link please!!

  retep888 13:54 15 Jan 2010

Suppose your son's using XP 32bit

click here

And you can choose other OS from inside the panel.

However I found something else interesting about VGA bios update here <<Fix game may be stopped automatically due to graphics card is overheat. You need to update your SmartDoc to 5.35 as well to resolve this problem.>>

click here

  podlod 16:26 15 Jan 2010

Hi, thanks for your quick reply, the only prob I have now is on bios which version do I download, the first or second ? and on the VGA I have 12 to choose from, how do I go about finding the version he needs? and yes he has windows XP 32 bit, thanks again for any help.

  retep888 17:05 15 Jan 2010

Go for the latest one,usually at the top i.e. for VGA driver version 8.69 dated 06/Jan/2010.

For VGA bios Version 9442. ,dated

Update the latest VGA driver first,see if it solves your problem, the VGA bios update is the last resort.

Please refer to the Asus website for how to flash your GX card's bios with due care.

  AL47 20:14 15 Jan 2010

i have had a similar problem with my laptop with 7950 GTX nvidia

if i play a game, complete crash,
dvd playing for abput 5 mins then pixelates then crashes

in my case my GPU is damaged

after rebooting i often have artefacts on the screen, but long as i dont do anything grphics intense the laptop boots up

do you ever get artefacts on screen?
sometimes my boot screen has white dashes all over it
or the desktop looks like broken glass.

  podlod 10:30 20 Jan 2010

HI all, thanks again for your prompt reply. He is going to try downloading new drivers first RETEP888 and see what happens.

AL 47, The only prob he gets my son, is when any game crashes after approx 15 mins all his pc, ie documents, icons, anything is too huge for the screen, and he then has to reduce the resolution as previous before he started the game.
Again thanks for any help forthcoming.

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