VPN & LAN Connections to Network Hard Drive

  Cheshirebumpkin 14:13 26 Dec 2008

I was hoping that someone might be able to give some advice regarding a problem I currently have.

I have a Freecom Network Drive Pro attached to my Voyager 2110 wireless router, which I can access from a wirelessly connected PC and laptop on my home network.

The laptop is a work one, which I use to log into my company network using a VPN connection. When I'm not connected to the VPN I can connect to the Freecom drive via the home network without a problem. However, perhaps unsuprisingly, when I'm connected to the VPN I can no longer access the Freecom drive on my home network. I guess this is because I'm, in effect, on a totally different network.

I'd really like to be able to access my Freecom drive via a drive letter when connected to my work VPN, preferably not via HTTP or FTP.

Does anyone know if there is a way to do this, or is it simply not possible?

I do hope this makes sense - any help would be much appreciated.

  Tech Guy 21:05 26 Dec 2008

It does make sense and the reason you can't access it is because the VPN creates a tunnel straight to the other end and nothing else can enter it. If you had a network printer you'd not be able to use that either.

The only way to be able to use it would to ask you system admin to allow you to and he'd create a split tunnel. But they are not very secure so your admin would prob say there is no way around this.

  Cheshirebumpkin 00:44 27 Dec 2008

Thanks Tech Guy, that's pretty much what I expected.

However, you raise a very good point that I hadn't considered. I do have a wireless printer on my local network, and having just tested it whilst connected to the VPN - it works!?!

Now that's really odd.....

  Tech Guy 13:10 27 Dec 2008

It sure is odd as it shouldn't work whilst you are connected to the VPN. That the point of the VPN.

It should spool all documents and print them when you tear down the VPN. If you can print using a network printer thn there is no reason that you can't use any other network device, storage etc...

Can you use the printer from other computers on the local network?

  Cheshirebumpkin 13:20 27 Dec 2008

Very odd indeed....

Yes, I can use the printer from the desktop PC that isn't connected to the VPN.

As you've probably guessed, my knowledge is very limited, and I let the printer (Lexmark) config utility do all the setting up of the printer on the network automatically. Consequently, I don't know how it's set up as such, or whether any particularly clever bits of set-up took place in the background.

  Tech Guy 13:40 27 Dec 2008

Very odd indeed.

Maybe you should mention this to the Tech Guys at your work place as this could be an incorrectly configured VPN and potentionaly insecure.

Or you could just enjoy the use of your printer, as many VPN users come to me at work crying about they can't use thiers.

  Cheshirebumpkin 17:26 27 Dec 2008

I think I'll say nothing as whilst I can live without having access to the network drive, losing access to the printer would be a real pain! Thanks for your help.

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