Is VPN a dirty word?

  mik61ish 22:15 22 Dec 2012

Is VPN a dirty word?

I am thinking of going VPN as I would like to look at UK television ie bbci ITV Channel 4 etc. To hook up a PC with HDMI and connect to my Panasonic 42" plasma. I can do it now with my laptop with HDMI using expat shield but the picture is not very good grainy! Would it be any better with a dedicated stand alone PC has anyone any experience in this set up? I live in NZ hence trying to get VPN

  rdave13 22:27 22 Dec 2012

It's not a dirty word but to have the best I think you will need to fork out money. Sadly Governments are dedicated to stop this kind of thing. So much for WWW.

  Forum Editor 23:51 22 Dec 2012

"Is VPN a dirty word?"

Not per se, but where UK TV content is concerned there are restrictions. The reason is that nowadays you mustn't assume that broadcasters like the BBC and ITV own the overseas broadcast rights to the content that goes to air in the UK.

Rights agreements are often structured so that the original production company retains the overseas broadcast rights so they can sell programming to other countries.

  Forum Editor 23:55 22 Dec 2012


"Sadly Governments are dedicated to stop this kind of thing."

Not so much the governments as the privately owned TV production companies which make the programmes. If you had just spent £20 million on a big drama series and sold the UK transmission rights to the BBC would you want people all over the world watching your work free of charge when you can sell it to the TV companies in lots of different countries?

No,you wouldn't.

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