VPN connectivity issues

  stevejaw 16:18 09 Sep 2008

I'm not very technically minded so please forigve if the below is not well structured.
I have a Belkin N router modem at home which I connect to the Internet through for my personal desktop PC at home. This works fine wirelessly and wired and causes me no issues - I can download, open e-mails send and receive them no problem.
However, I do have problems when I attempt to access through this to my business VPN on my works laptop that I have. The following happens:
1) Laptop connects fine to router wirelessly
2) Laptop connects to business system through VPN fine
3) I can open business Outlook on laptop and review incoming mails however when I try to send a mail I get a message saying it is trying to retrieve data from the mail server, and eventually get a Network connection has been lost message. During this whole time, the Wireless and VPN connection are still connected.
4) This also happens if I try to access files on the business system drives, both opening and saving/closing them cause me issues. I can see the files on the mapped drives but cant access them easily.
The connections speeds and signal strengths are good both when I connect via my own desktop PC and when I use the works laptop. I have tested the works laptop at work, connecting it wirelessly to a works router and then going in via vpn at work and this works fine, I can open and send/receive emails no problem and open and close files on the shared drives. This seems to rule out a laptop issue with my works laptop as it appears to only be an issue when I go through VPN at home.
Is this an issue therefore with my:
1) Belkin router?
2) My own Broadband connectivity at home?

Anyone any ideas?

  L8-tian 19:17 10 Sep 2008

Hi Stevejaw,

I understood your issue connecting the VPN.Let me know this did you ever tried connecting the VPN through the modem(with the wireless router).

If you are able to use the VPN without any issue through the modem then the issue is with the Belkin router or else Its the issue with ISP if you are not able to connect VPN through modem.

This step may help us to isolate the issue.

Try this step and let me know so that we can try further.

Thanks and regards


  stevejaw 12:26 11 Sep 2008

I always connect through VPN using the Belkin modem router. Firstly I connect to the modem router wirelessly, then I connect the VPN. As I said above, I do the same thing at work and this works fine, but when I try it at home, it doesnt work fine.

  ferdinent 02:14 13 Sep 2008


Try open all the necessary ports for that application in the router

  stevejaw 13:16 16 Sep 2008


Any ideas how I go about this?

  L8-tian 18:17 16 Sep 2008

Open the set up page of the router with its IP address(default IP).
Check whether you can see any tab called "Port forwarding or port triggering".
Open the ports 50,500,1723,80.
Enter any name as application name.
And save the changes.
Do a power cycle for the entire network(turn off and turn on).
After that check whether you can connect VPN.
If its not connecting. In the router setup page check for the Logs-VPN.
Attach the log next time so that we can check the connection.
Let me know the Protocol which you are using for your VPN connection.

Thanks and Regards


  ferdinent 18:33 16 Sep 2008


Go through this link , it will help you to forward the ports for that application

click here

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