_plAsma 17:22 26 Aug 2004

What is the best VPN (Virtual Private Network) Solution out there?

Software or Hardware?

Which software / hardware?

Thanks very much

  SEASHANTY 20:17 26 Aug 2004

Some info on the DrayTek website
click here

  Graham ® 20:31 26 Aug 2004

Well, that's shot my recent responses on the subject of teleworkers down in flames! Must try and keep up!

  _plAsma 20:46 26 Aug 2004

"Don't all routers support VPN ?
Many routers list "VPN support" to indicate that a VPN link can pass through it, but that doesn't mean that the router itself can operate the VPN - it merely acts as a conduit and so you still need the a VPN server or client of some kind on your network. The Vigor can create and operate the VPN itself - the VPN is a native facility built into the Vigor router. The Vigors do also support VPN passthrough if you wish to use a different VPN/Firewall device behind it."


Does anyone know wether VPN is able to pass through a 2wire Voyager ?

  igr 00:16 27 Aug 2004

No problems with the 2 wire voyager - been using VPN to link up to my office network from home for 18 months - no issues have arisen

  _plAsma 18:42 27 Aug 2004

ah, thankyou very much!

time to close this discussion now, thanks to everyone!

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