vpi and vci settings for cyprus

  The GnoMe 10:46 29 Jul 2004

i have just moved to cyprus from the uk
i want to use my own router/modem
they want me to use theirs for the adsl
i would like to find out the vpi and vci settings for cyprus so i can use my own can anyone help

  Chegs ® 13:12 29 Jul 2004

I tried every combination I could think of to try and get these numbers for you,but failed.I think your best bet would be to contact the ISP you intend to use when your there,and ask them.

  techpro 13:30 29 Jul 2004

Lucky b*****, bet it's hot there.

If you have an Alcatel SpeedTouch their diagnostic tool can find these for you.

If you need to use trial and error, the most common values for VCI/VPI are 8/35 and 0/35. Sometimes 8/32 and 0/32 are used.

  The GnoMe 15:01 29 Jul 2004

thanks guys, i am already here and cytanet is the isp i am using but they say i must use the router/modem they gave me. but it is not wireless and my router/modem is i have a belkin one i got from pc world before i came out here with a network card any more ideas?

  Chegs ® 15:56 29 Jul 2004

Can you not access the device and have a look at its settings? On my modem/router if I type its IP address into my browser address bar,I can cfg/check its settings.I just found this on mine "DSL Settings
This screen is designed to allow modifying the default DSL settings for connection to your Broadband Service Provider. It is recommended to change these value only after consultation with your Broadband Service Provider. "

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