VOYAGER2091 and Belkin F5D7050

  breddersboy 16:56 11 Apr 2006

I have just got a VOYAGER2091 router from BT and have a Belkin USB Wireless Network adapter. I cannot enter the BT supplied key. The router software says 13 chars is too long and will only accept 10. Is there a way around this as the key looks is a char string it is not HEX. HEX and passphrase are my only options.

  ade.h 17:55 11 Apr 2006

BT supplied?
Key to what; WEP, WPA, even the SSID?
Where are you trying to enter it; router config interface, XP Wireless Config, adapter software utility interface?

  breddersboy 18:22 11 Apr 2006

The key is the key on the sticker on the bottom of the router. (wireless key) I assume that I have to use that key in the Wireless adapter on the computer to enable the two to talk. I am trying to enter it via the Belkin utility that shows all of the wireless networks.
On the list of networks in the utility it shows the voyager2091 with a lock next to it and nothing ever connects.

thanks Paul

  ade.h 18:28 11 Apr 2006

A sticker on the base? This is new to me. In every wifi network that I have set up, I have had to enter the router config, enable WPA (or WEP if it's out of the ark) think of a good key - letters, numbers and symbols sort of thing - and enter it. Then apply and close, move off to the wireless client, try to connect and enter that key when prompted.

Can this pre-supplied key be changed in the BT router's config? It should allow you to do this, as it's wise to change them periodically anyway.

  ade.h 18:28 11 Apr 2006

And is it trying to make you use WEP or WPA-PSK?

  breddersboy 18:32 11 Apr 2006

I can't see where it is changed. I believe it is WEP.

  ade.h 18:39 11 Apr 2006

I'd be extremely surprised if it could not be changed, because that is a glaring security hole to have your WEP key written down underneath the router. Also, it should use WPA instead, as that is many times more secure. You can crack WEP with some know-how and a bit of software.

  splatter 20:05 11 Apr 2006

If the belkin setup utility is anything like mine I believe you have to change the drop down box the 'pass-phrase' Then enter your 13 digit key.

The other 2 options are (I think) ASCII and Hexadecimal, but you need the pass-phrase option.

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