voyager and belkin wireless

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I have a btvoyager 2091 wireless router modem, and im with bt broadband, i recently bought a usb wireless belkin stick for my laptop, i install it, and the belkin search found the bt router, so i entered all the info (hex pass/open/key1 e.t.c.) but it does not connect to the bt router, is there something i need to do to the routers (byvoyager2091) config to allow it to read it, my other pc has a wireless pci bt card and works fine, just this belkin usb stick does not. i allowed the mac address of the belkin on the config of the router, but still no joy ????

main pc is running xp which is connected to the bt voyager by network lead, second pc with bt pci wireless is running xp, and the laptop is running 98se which im trying to get working on wireless too.

any help would be great.


p.s... i posted this in the help room, and i think i should put it here... sorry.

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the 2091 WEP key is 128 bit ASCII
some Belkin adapters wont allow ASCII and you will need to cahnge the WEP settings on the 2091.

  [DELETED] 12:35 06 Mar 2006

i changed the kep on the bt router to a 26 digit a-f 0-9 hex key to match the belkin config on the usb stick, no joy either,...

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Try disabling WEP and the Mac association control.
If it still doesnt work then check for a firewall.

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98se is not as assured w.r.t. USB installation and connectivity as XP is ~ does Device Manager confirm that the Belkin USB wireless adapter is working ok with the installed drivers?

  [DELETED] 09:20 07 Mar 2006

i decided to disable wep key 26 digit password, so it was fully open, and instead i turned on the "only allow mac addresse's" so it is still secure as only my pc and laptop mac addresse's can access the net... so all sorted.

thanks for the help guys.

  [DELETED] 12:27 07 Mar 2006

helby2006, as you have ticked this as resolved I hope you revisit this thread of yours.

My consumer product comes with a utility program that displays the MAC addresses of neighbours' routers.

Admitedly they had not disabled their routers from broadcasting their routers' SSIDs. Have you disabled the broadcast of your router's SSID?

I'm sure it is simple to get programs which can sniff out your client PCs' MAC ids, as their wireless components are also broadcasting, albeit behind your router, but which sounds as if it is open to all.

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