peterfry 19:38 17 Feb 2006

i think theres firewall in my router how i dissable it so i can host online games pls post hast experty ppl :)

  wobblymike 20:29 17 Feb 2006

the voyager 205 does not have it's own firewall
click here

  peterfry 20:59 17 Feb 2006

then why the hell cant i host 'star wars galactic battleground' games?? my users cant connect to me

  peterfry 21:02 17 Feb 2006

win xp sp1
no antivirus
no firewall
windows firewall OFF
also maybe related i CANT view secure pages with ie
any ideas?

  wobblymike 21:34 17 Feb 2006

With a switched off windows firewall and no antivirus software you're asking for problems. I suggest before you do anything else you switch Windows Firewall on. After that we need to step through the options but if you comnnect to the net without a firewall you'll add problem after problem.

  peterfry 21:54 17 Feb 2006

i dont care about viruses or ANYTHING im getting a new comp in 4 days i just wanna be able to host games :(

  VoG II 21:58 17 Feb 2006

I don't think that you will get much positive help on this with that attitude, peterfry.

  wobblymike 22:04 17 Feb 2006

agreedv I'll leave you to it - good luck.

  peterfry 12:41 18 Feb 2006

im sory about yesterday just iv been fiddeling with router settings for 2 hours then and i was real anoyed that it was all for nothing

  rober32 14:31 18 Feb 2006

You will need to open ports to allow this. You can do this via the 205 control panel IP routing section but you need to know the ports to open and the IP address of the PC as assigned by the 205.

  peterfry 17:56 18 Feb 2006

how exacly theres alot of diffrent sections couldent i just open ALL ports?

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