Vote with your feet?

  Graham ® 11:09 24 May 2004

GANDALF |:-)>s post on another thread this morning click here prompts me to ask if those on Wanadoo (what a stupid name) would consider moving to another ISP? I know if my bank moved its operations abroad I would transfer my account immediately.

  Sir Radfordin 11:15 24 May 2004

The problem is that people like to believe they make ethical and moral choices over such things, but most of the time if it means paying for it they won't bother.

Are you sure your bank hasn't already moved its operations abroad?

Banks are a great example of how lazy people are - time and again it is shown most people would save money by moving to a different bank/account yet few bother.

  LastChip 12:18 24 May 2004

Sadly, this trend is becoming widespread in all industry, but particularly affects the IT industry.

The company I work for is completely uninterested in it's employees, (it's all about Profit, Profit, Profit) and if you can find a better job, then by by!!

The USA is waking up to this offshore threat, and it is causing significant political interest as the elections loom, but here, people are disinterested until it directly affects them; and then it's too late.

Nationalism? Perhaps! But already were a third rate nation that is politically out of control, and in the scheme of things and as a true Englishman, it saddens me deeply to admit it.

  Belatucadrus 12:52 24 May 2004

Short termism to the max, we moved from manufacturing to service industries because it was cheaper to make things in the third world. We're now giving them the service industries. When all the jobs have moved abroard how are we going to earn the money to buy the product or the service ?

An ultra simplistic view I know, but not invalid.

  end 12:55 24 May 2004

its called "budgets" and "balancing the books"....and to prove that you CAN "vote with your feet"...I have resigned from my present post because it has become impossible for me to meet the needs of the people I am looking after( or supposed to be) with the resourses to hand, which resourses are getting even MORE "stretched" by unrealistic "expectations" from Management...(and I had better decline from going down the road of " being paid enough!! ")........

  Stuartli 13:08 24 May 2004

Wanadoo is a French based company...:-)

  €dstowe 13:33 24 May 2004

I was going to point out that Wanadoo is french but Stuartli beat me to it but, I'll still make my point: I'd wager that they won't be exporting their European operation to India because there aren't enough Indians who speak the European languages other than English.

This is no reflection on Indians at all - the same would apply in any foreign country. The continental European languges are rare in anywhere other than their native country and the few places that they colonised in the nineteenth century.


  Graham ® 13:35 24 May 2004

More reasons ...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:19 24 May 2004

BA saves around £30 million a year by moving it's IT dept to Mumbai. The maths are inescapable.


  anchor 16:26 24 May 2004

Its not only BA, but others including Dell and Abbey, (formerly Abbey National), have moved to India.

I recall calling the Abbey Call Centre; (you cannot call individual branches direct). I asked to speak to the Burnt Oak Branch, to which I was asked where is that?. I replied near Edgware in Middlesex. I was then asked, where is Middlesex?. I then gave up!.

I comprehend that staff in India possibly know little of British geography, but this action did little to enhance my opinion of Abbey. This at a time when they are having difficulties, and there are rumours about a possible take over by Banco Santander from Spain.

¿Habla Vd. Espanol?

  ventanas 16:31 24 May 2004

Si. No es moy dificil aprender.

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