Volume on videos keeps resetting back

  Kandge 21:40 28 May 2017

Hello, I've been having this for a while now, unable to figure it out and google searching found nothing relevant to this. Whenever I use the volume slider at videos to change volume, raise or lower, it slowly in about 5-10 seconds changes back to what it was at default(the actual slider doesn't change, just the volume). It's fairly frustrating and only way to fix this was to use the windows volume mixer, this way the volume stays but as you can imagine, opening and using this on every video is pretty annoying(not mentioning that in browser for example, I'd like to have 2 tabs using different volume, which is impossible). This happens in every video where the volume slider is present (vlc for example too). Another thing to note is that this happens only when using headphones, when I'm using my laptop's speakers it stays the way I set it. Any tips or help would be appreciated.

  Kandge 00:43 29 May 2017

I do have BeatsAudio, but going through the settings, nothing seem to affect the volume changes. I actually stumbled upon some forums now when I tried searching for BeatsAudio issues and found relevant posts, though no solutions from there worked. Since there are years of posts with no valid solutions, I guess there is no help coming :(

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