Volume removed? What volume?

  sue1201 22:43 19 May 2004

For some time now I have had an intermittent problem on starting up my pc.

It gets as far as putting the desktop on the screen, and while waiting for all the icons to come up, reverts to the dreaded "blue screen" with an error message that tells me a volume has been removed which is not a removable volume, press any key to continue etc

Pressing any key does not make it go away, the only way is Ctrl/Alt/Delete to restart. Sometimes I have to do this 2 or 3 times before it will start up properly.

Someone suggested it might be to do with closing down the computer while a CD is still in use. Since then I have been careful always to shut down any program using the CD player, before shutting down the computer, but the problem occurs just as often as before.

I run Windows 98, and I have run ScanDisk and Defragmented drive C, with no effect. I also have AVG AntiVirus, Norton Antivirus, ZoneAlarm Pro firewall, AdAware and Spybot, all fully up to date. Talk about belt and braces!

Any ideas - could this be a hardware problem?

Thanks in advance


  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:58 19 May 2004

'I also have AVG AntiVirus, Norton Antivirus'...2 AV's...potential source of conflict #1

Do not use two AV's together.


  spuds 01:11 20 May 2004

Agree with Mr G, get rid of one of your anti-virus programmes.For belt and braces add SpywareBlaster to you security selection.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:25 20 May 2004
  sue1201 09:31 20 May 2004

Gandalf, you're a star! How do you know where to find all this stuff? The SoftSynth site looks very useful, I've bookmarked it.

Course, I don't know if their fixes have worked yet - will let you know.

Re antivirus software conflict... I can see what you mean, but which one shd I get rid of? Norton is such a well-accepted option, everybody knows it and agrees that it does a good job. And I'm paying for it, and it seems far more comprehensive than AVG. And it appears to "catch" a lot of virus attachments on my emails.

AVG on the other hand, kicks in earlier in the boot process and appears to have "caught" viruses that Norton didn't notice on several occasions. Being a freebie I've never been sure how officially accepted it is, but felt that it was a sort of supplement to the Norton software.

SpywareBlaster - why is this better than SpyBot?

  ventanas 09:43 20 May 2004

SpyBot will remove spyware. SpywareBlaster stops you getting it in the first place. As for the AV. I use Norton, but many on here swear by AVG. Why not keep Norton until it expires as you've paid for it, and then change to AVG.

  Graham ® 09:45 20 May 2004

SpywareBlaster has a database of known spyware, currently 2942 items. If it spots one, it will not let it in. So it is active all the time, whilst SpyBot needs to be run.

  sue1201 10:12 20 May 2004

Thanks guys - downloading SpywareBlaster as I write.

  spuds 10:45 20 May 2004

Don't forget to check for updates [daily], otherwise you maybe back to square one.

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