Volume Label for C Drive

  Tikka 14:33 16 Jul 2004

I am trying to convert my FAT 32 file system to NTFS using the command prompt in XP. The program keeps asking for the volume label of my C Drive. If if look at the properties of the C Drive the drive is described as Gateway. Looking on the Hardware tab the drive is described as IBM-DPTA-372050. Looking at Sytem Info via Sytem Tools the Volume Ser No is a 9 digit number. None of these are accepted by the conversion program. Where do I go from here?

  AndySD 14:36 16 Jul 2004

Leave it blank and hit enter

  Tikka 15:47 16 Jul 2004

Thanks Andy. That does not work.

  Tikka 19:25 16 Jul 2004

Thanks Bela. The volume label returned was 316F-1503 which seemed to be the correct format. The conversion program still will not accept it (incorrect volume label). Any other ideas?

  bremner 19:35 16 Jul 2004

In My Computer right click the drive you want to change. Choose 'rename' and call the drive 'C Drive' for example.

This will now be the volume name.

  whybe 20:02 16 Jul 2004

If you type Start, Computer the volume label name is to the left of the bracketed letter, eg Hard Drive (C:) the name 'Hard Drive' is your volume label.

  whybe 20:05 16 Jul 2004

Sorry should have mentioned you need to enter the label exactly as shown, eg using any spaces, no quotes etc. Hope this helps.

  Tikka 14:50 17 Jul 2004

Thank you everyone. Conversion done.

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