Volume control keeps going to mute..help please

  bof:) 17:55 25 Mar 2004

Hi All,

For reasons not known to me I have the following happening when I use Windows media Player and Winamp.

If I attempt to play a cd using Windows media player, I find that the cd audio balance sets itself at zero (but not mute) everytime the cd plays a new track.

If I try to use winamp then the volume resets at 50% everytime there is a new track played on any cd I try.

In Play control...options...properties...Mixer device it says SB PC1512 Mixer (E000).

No other option is available.

Can anyone help because I do like to listen to music whilst on my PC and having to re-adjust the volumebefore every track begins to play is getting annoying.

Many thanks,


  Stormpool 18:19 25 Mar 2004

Could be various programs interfering with each other.

If it's windows XP you're running

Click start
type "msconfig"
click "startup" tab
click disable all
Ok, restart

And try again, if this works.. then it was probably some media application loading in background affecting it..

You'd probably want to re-enable some, like AV software? But be selective, or logical .. to find which one it was that cause the problem.

  bof:) 18:26 25 Mar 2004

Hi Stormpool, its win98se I'm using but I'll have alook in msconfig to check out whats running.

I did look in device manager and this shows no conflicts at all.

Thankyou for your help, its appreciated.


  bof:) 17:17 31 Mar 2004

Hi All,

I altered the options in Windows MediaPlayer to 'all types of formats' and now the volume setting in 'Play Control' stays at what ever setting I put it at.

I tried doing the same with Winamp but the volume setting still resets itselve to 50% volume when a track ends and a new one begins.

Any more ideas please?



  bof:) 17:17 31 Mar 2004


  Stuartli 17:40 31 Mar 2004

Perhaps your system doesn't like your Richard Clayderman CDs...:-))

The answer most likely lies with your mixer panel - double click on the Volume icon and check all the settings, especially the level of the sliders.

You should also check Sound and Audio Device settings from Control Panel - there are a number of tabs involved.

  bof:) 23:35 31 Mar 2004

cheers Stuartli who's Richard Clayderman?

I've checked all of the sliders. Its the cd volume that keeps going to 50%.

I've also been and adjusted all the settings I can find in the audio setting in control panel and guess what the 'cd audio' slider still adjusts itsself to 50% volume everytime a new track begins to play.

From Pink Floyd to Johnny Cash so I dont think there's any particular music bias :-)


  Stuartli 09:36 01 Apr 2004

Richard Clayderman is a pianist who used to, like Russ Conway, sell quite a few (vinyl) records...:-)

It's an old joke that people who used to ask how to improve their hi-fi system's sound quality were advised to throw away their Richard Clayderman LPs.....

  willo500 09:52 01 Apr 2004

I would say that Russ Conway was always miles better than Richard Clayderman, though maybe I'm remembering him as perceived in my young and less critical years.

  Stuartli 10:10 01 Apr 2004

Have you checked out the SRS/WOW sound effects?

If you go to WMP9 Help it will explain how these settings work and how they can affect sound quality - there are several other sound tips in the Help files.

  bof:) 18:53 12 Apr 2004

Hi All,

I'm off to hide my head in shame now.

I've just asked son number 1 to have a look at the volume problem and he's fixed it in about 3 seconds.

Answer.....Winamp volume slider bar was set to half way. As soon as he slide it fully over to the right.....no more problem.

Mike :)

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