Voltage switch

  recap 12:27 12 Jun 2003

On the back of the tower there is a red voltage switch. At the moment it is set on 230, if this was changed to the lower setting of 115 what if anything would happen to the computer?

  recap 14:46 12 Jun 2003

Thanks all, was not going to do it, just curiosity [killed the cat you know] LOL

  recap 09:22 13 Jun 2003

I asked Dell the same question as it is a Dell computer I am refering to, and this is their reply to my via email.

"I understand that your concern is regarding using the Red Voltage selector.

After researching your issue, I feel that using the UK power supply and changing the 230V to 115V should not cause any problem.

However before using the power supply unit I would request you to refer the Dell Knowledge Base article given below for more details.

click here"

I must stress here that I do understand what will happen and that nobody should alter this switch as the results can be DANGEROUS. MIXING HIGH VOLTAGE WITH LOW VOLTAGE SHOULD NEVER BE DONE.

FE, if you feel that this thread is edging on the dangerous I would understand if you pulled it out. The reason I have added this is as a warning to others not to tamper with this switch.


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