Voipcheap now charging for land-line calls

  bellababy 23:34 31 Aug 2006

I have been using Voipcheap since January of this year, calling landlines here in the UK also Ireland. Australia, Spain, USA, all for free, suddenly this week I see that they are now charging for these calls, has any one else experienced this? I have e-mailed Voipcheap asking why and as yet have received no reply.

  bellababy 06:42 01 Sep 2006

Am I the only one using Voipcheap?

  dms05 08:24 01 Sep 2006

I did use VoIPCheap for a while but when they started to charge more than Skype for many calls I returned to Skype. In general Skype seems to offer better call quality.

  Sapins 09:10 01 Sep 2006

I started using VoipCheap, which was totally free, until I discovered Voipstunt by the same people, I can register with less credit, 10 euros instead of £10, but they started to charge a 3 cent connection charge then 5 cents. I have e-mailed them a number of times with no reply, although when I mailed them immediately after they upped the connection charge my following calls were entirely free, they are now charging 5 cents connection again, another e-mail sent,no reply!

I even tried their own telephone number but it was unobtainable, using my phone all I got was a recorded message in German then English which told me to use the site to give feedback.

Having said that 5 cents connection charge for each call is still far cheaper than any other provider I have found, and after I dial up and get connected I can use my ordinary cordless phone. I do think they might up the cost, so I will keep an eye on things.

  bellababy 11:24 01 Sep 2006

I have just been discussing this problem with my brother who has Voipcheap he eventually had to call me back, when he then discovered that he was being charged for the call, this by the way is for PC to PC which both are using Voipcheap, these calls should be free.
Perhaps Voipcheap have a programme bug, or are they taking the money before they do a runner which doesn't make sense because they are already holding a deposit.
It's all very strange.

  DieSse 11:43 01 Sep 2006

No-one (including VoIPCheap) can make calls to landlines at no cost. It stands to reason then that they must recoup the cost from somewhere. On the face of it it looks like they are being less than transparent as to how they are doing this.

Both Gizmo and Skype have more realistic pricing models. Gizmo, IMO is better.

  bellababy 12:37 01 Sep 2006

Your are right up to a point, but never the less since January this year I made lots of calls to landlines in Australia, Ireland, the USA Spain and here in the UK all for free, it is only now that charges are being made. Calls to say certain premium numbers or mobiles were never free, and I presume they made some money from these. OK you had to make a deposit every 120 days of £10, I'm no accountant but if you had say a million people making a deposit of £10 you would accrue something like £400.000 in interest alone if invested at 4% and better I suppose if you knew where to go.
What I do know is that before these current charges came in I certainly had my moneys-worth in calls to Australia alone, now I'll have to recalculate.

  ed-0 12:46 01 Sep 2006

my postings

  bellababy 13:18 01 Sep 2006

Voipcheap still claim to be cheaper than Skype for example they (Voipcheap)say that their charge will be £0.01p per minute as against Skype who would charge £0.017p a minute for the same call to a land line.

  FelixTCat 13:32 01 Sep 2006


If you want to call Australia cheaply, pick up your normal phone and dial 08442009595. Listen to the message and dial your Australian landline number. Cost: 0.5p per minute.

For other international numbers, go to this site: click here

Just because it's on a pc doesn't necessarily make it cheap.



  bellababy 13:52 01 Sep 2006

Thanks FelixTCat, but that is 0.4p more than Voipcheap and 0.33 more than Skype!! So thanks but no thanks.

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