VOIP sound quality

  Rockstone 21:16 19 Oct 2007

I daily speak on a PC to landline basis to the USA and if I use SKYPE, there is no criticism of the called party not being able to hear me. However if I use VOIP cheap (which is cheaper), the called party in the USA can't hear me very well at all. I have approached VOIP cheap without any response from them and am therefore contemplating a new headset.
Question 1: Can headsets be bought with a control for microphone input or a pre amplifier?
Question 2: What make would you recommend?
Note that I have no criticism of VOIP cheap apart from the foregoing. It is certainly quick.

  bluto1 21:39 19 Oct 2007

I'm not so sure that it's your microphone. If friends can hear you perfectly well in USA when you use Skype it's reasonable to assume that your mic is OK. I've only used Skype and am happy with it but it's one of the shameful facts of today that some providers seem to ignore requests for help.
Don't chuck your mic away, it's not it's fault.

  Rockstone 21:47 19 Oct 2007

I know it isn't my microphone, as you say, if it works on one it should work on the other but I was hoping that if I could get a mic with an input control, I could get around the problem that way.

  ambra4 04:52 21 Oct 2007

Have you try adjusting the mic control in the Sound and Audio Device in control panel

  Rockstone 10:12 21 Oct 2007

Yes, I have done that. I refer you back to my original questions. Thank you for your interest.

  €dstowe 11:12 21 Oct 2007

I have frequent (and prolonged) calls to Canada and I've found that a handset rather than a headset is better for VOIP calls. That goes for Tesco Internet Phone and for BT Broadband Talk. I've not used SKYPE but, it works in a similar way.

  Rockstone 12:07 21 Oct 2007

Can you recommend one such handset?

  €dstowe 12:51 21 Oct 2007

This is one I've used successfully:

click here

The system I'm using at present is a BT Videophone as they were being sold off at a very advantageous price in the BT shop recently. These only work on the BT BB Talk service, though.

I've also used the Tesco Internet Phone handset.

Maplin also sell Skype handsets.

  Rockstone 10:53 06 Nov 2007

I decided after your advice to buy a LX-3000 headset. Very comfortable and the sound quality was satisfactory in and out. However in the flex is a control for muting the mic with a red lamp indication and another for controlling incoming volume. The exasperating thing was that the mic would mute during the course of a call and it couldn't be "unmuted." I even had the headset replaced but the fault remained. That is until I uninstalled the software and left it uninstalled. Works OK now.
I will leave this as Unresolved for now. Someone may be interested.

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