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  jz 15:27 06 Jan 2006

I've noticed this website click here that claims free phone calls to UK landlines (ie normal phones, not people who already have VOIP). Sounds too good to be true. Has anyone tried it?

  dms05 15:41 06 Jan 2006

Not tried it but you get free 'normal' landline calls to:

Australia free
Belgium free
Denmark free
Germany free
Ireland free
Italy free
Luxembourg free
Netherlands free
New Zealand free
Norway free
Portugal free
Spain free
Sweden free
United Kingdom free
United States free

However calls to UK National Numbers (0870?) / 0845 / Mobile / Personal Numbers are chargeable. It beats SkypeOut hands down on cost, as they charge for exactly the same types of calls as well as 'normal' landline calls.

Might give it a go and report back!

  dms05 15:42 06 Jan 2006

Their full tariff is click here

  bellababy 15:42 06 Jan 2006

Yes is does work, but you will need to make a deposit of say £10 first. But here is an even better option which have been using for the past few days go to
<click here> with this having again put down a deposit of £10 you can not only make free calls to most European landlines but also to Australia and the USA. I have tried and used it with no problem to Australia. I think they all work better on Broadband though.

  bellababy 15:46 06 Jan 2006

Sorry thought your original question was about skype,(why I don't know, could be going senile)so yes it does work.

  dms05 15:54 06 Jan 2006

I've just downloaded VoIPCheap. It's a 1.8Mb file. It installs easily and the opening page looks almost exactly like Skype.

I've made my first 'free' call to a UK landline from my Broadband connection in Spain. Quality seemed similar to Skype.

I was able to make the 'free' call without buying any credit for chargeable calls.

Obviously I close down Skype before I did any of this!

  bellababy 16:10 06 Jan 2006

You will also need a headset and microphone to use voipcheap but you can get a hand held phone for about £18 from <click here> which will plug into a USB port. The phone I'm talking about is a yamamoto for which you will need to download a driver which you can get from
<click here>

  bellababy 16:13 06 Jan 2006

is right tou can make free calls without buying credit but they are limited to 1 minute.

  dms05 16:13 06 Jan 2006

I've now made a longer call to a UK landline from my Broadband connection in Spain. VoIPCheap only allows 1 minute 'free' calls until you buy £10 of credit for chargeable calls.

I've not been able to find out how long the credit is valid for. If it's indefinite that's OK but if it's time limited maybe it's not so attractive.

For £10 I can have about 15 hours of calls on SkypeOut.

Is the switch worth it? Perhaps not. It's all in the small print!

  AngeTheHippy 16:15 06 Jan 2006

it does what is says on the tin!! But for how long, I don't know. Started using call18866 about 17 months ago, and the connection charge (within uk/l-lines)was 1/2 p then the call free. It's steadily increased to the current 4p connection charge so, I say use voipcheap until not the best deal!!


  Audeal 16:16 06 Jan 2006

Would I be right in believing that although you can call a landline from a Voip Phone, a Landline can't call a Voip phone.

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