VoIP advice needed

  hatrickj 16:55 15 Apr 2011

Close relative and family are off to the dark continent and normal PSTN phoning will be difficult. So I am thinking of using VoIP. They already use Draytel as their provider. My current router is a Thomson 585 v7, and I understand I can buy an adapter to facilitate the use of my land line DECT with VoIP with the router, or buy a VoIP enabled router. Technically with the router I now have is an adapter likely to work satisfactorily, or would a new router be preferable? As relative uses Draytel is there advantage in me doing the same? What adapter or lower end priced routers have members found to be reliable? In Ebay I have found on sale in my price bracket ZYXEL P2602 Zyxel P-2602HWL-61C Thomson TG784 TriplePlay Linksys WRT54GP2 All helpful comments will be greatly appreciated

  Woolwell 18:38 15 Apr 2011

Have a look at Skype.

  ciscodisco 18:56 15 Apr 2011

  ciscodisco 19:28 15 Apr 2011

Hello, There are so many different options available and woolwell may be right in suggesting something like skype.

  1. If you are just wanting to communicate with this one person over VOIP, then routers and adapters may be overkill. Have you considered using a soft-phone? They basically install on your computer and you use a headset.

If you are wanting to use hardware I recommend not converting your current POTS phone to VOIP with an adapter and would recommend buying an actual VOIP phone instead.

  1. Its not necessary to use the same VOIP provider as them but could be easier and cheaper.

I personally prefer Sipgate (www.sipgate.co.uk) they offer PAYG and contract services, including a preconfigured soft-phone.

Anyway just my views, hope it helps.

  hatrickj 20:16 15 Apr 2011

I don't want to be tied to the computer with headphones, and more so my wife.

What is the reason for comment >?

Are there any views on the routers mentioned in my OP?

As to scope of usage, that could depend on what happens when my BT contract is due for renewal.

  Woolwell 23:19 15 Apr 2011

I use skype without headphones. The other person's voice is over the speakers and there is a mic (built into my webcam as it happens but it could be standalone.

  ashleycardwell94 03:13 16 Apr 2011

Skype is best as it sets everything up for you. no need for specialist routers, also, skype connections are encrypted and free.

  onthelimit1 09:23 16 Apr 2011

Another tick for Skype - don't have to use the webcam if you just want to talk. I use the wecam mic and speakers as well. No feedback or echo.

  dms_05 13:34 17 Apr 2011

I have both Skype and Sipgate. Two different VoIP's for two different uses.

I use Skype for a closed group of contacts within my family, it's simple and easy with video as well. Like the others I use a webcam as camera and microphone with loudspeakers for playback. Very good and highly recommended.

I use Sipgate with an ATA adaptor (bought off ebay for £20+ pounds) to give me a second incoming/outgoing UK telephone number that works with a DECT phone BUT with the added advantage of not needing a computer to be active (indeed you can set the phone up without any computer at all). Again this is a superb system and works just like a BT landline with the advantage of no line rental and PaYG call costs. Its' a very cheap 2nd line into my home.

For the OP I'd suggest Skype.

  hatrickj 09:09 18 Apr 2011

Thanks all for a lot to think about.

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