Voice recorder into PC

  acberty 14:24 15 Sep 2011

I need to copy a voice file on a Sony ICD-B500 digital recorder onto my PC. The recording of an important business meeting has some distorted, indistinct voices, and I want to apply some 'clean up' software, such as WavePad Sound Editor, to help make those voices clearer. then I will transcribe what was said.

The Sony product outputs on ordinary playback and a little bit clearer to headphones, so that works. I've tried a stereoe 3.5mm jack lead into my PC, with MS Sound Recorder. Nothing seems to be recorded onto my PC files, using LineIn and then Microphone sockets, both front and rear. The Sony Help Centre suggests only the use of a tape recorder. I still need to get the sound file onto my PC, for 'cleanup'.

Suggestions, please?

  Nontek 15:19 15 Sep 2011

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab ....


  woodchip 16:29 15 Sep 2011

Can you copy and past them

  woodchip 16:30 15 Sep 2011

Can you copy and paste them

  acberty 17:06 15 Sep 2011

Thanks so far, 'Nintek' and 'woodchip'.

I'm unable to get the file copied into my PC, as far as I can tell, so am unable to apply 'cleaner' software.

I'd opened Sound Recorder, checked/confirmed that the Volume Mixer - Speakers ( High Definition Audio Device ) settings were high for both Device and Applications.

The Volume Control Options ( devices show their own volume control ) tickboxes are all ticked.

The Sound infobox shows 4 recording devices: 2 Microphones ( front and rear jacks ), 1 Line In, and 1 Digital Audio ( S/PDIF - default device ), and I've enabled each. 'Properties' indicates that each 'device is working properly'.

Each of the Microphoes, and the Line In info-fields indicate 'not plugged in'. That doesn't change when a stereo 3.5mm jack lead ( tested ) is plugged in, both to the Sony IC Recorder device and to front and rear jack sockets on the PC.

Right now, I'm stumped - unless the sound card is stuffed. But I'm able to play audio CDs via Windows Media Player...

  Nontek 17:45 15 Sep 2011

If you can get the audio onto a tape recorder, then you should be able to use Magix Audio Cleaning Lab.

  acberty 19:30 15 Sep 2011

I'l try that, 'Nontek'. Maybe the residual sound-signal quality will be suffice.

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