Voice recorder

  Mensam 15:17 24 Dec 2004

I try to record with the voice recorder on my computer, running XP. To record anything I have put the mic close up to my mouth, and raise the volume to the limit to hear it.The recording is very bad.I have tried different mics, that worked with 98. Everything is ticked that should be ticked. Please help

  ACOLYTE 15:27 24 Dec 2004

click here

mat help

  Technotiger 18:17 24 Dec 2004

Hi, if you want to do Voice Recording on a fairly regular basis it would probably be best to install a good Soundcard with Voice Recording facility built-in. I have Soundblaster Audigy2 which has it's own Recording Facility and it is extremely good at Voice Recording - my mike (a very small one) is about 12-18 inches away but gives very clear results..........Merry Christmas.

  Mensam 18:55 24 Dec 2004

Thank you for your reply,it is the possibility of talking on the net that I am more concerned about. I checked the archive link, but that didnt help.

  Technotiger 19:03 24 Dec 2004

Hi again, my first response still applies - for instance, for use with msn messenger or Net Meeting.

  Mensam 19:32 30 Dec 2004

This is a new computer, wouldn`t think I would have to change the sound card. I didn`t have this trouble on my old one

  slimbo51 19:40 30 Dec 2004

Is your sound chip on the M/Board or a seperate card.

On Board sound except on high end boards (Abit for eg) are never that clever to start with.

Would still sugest as above, you may need a decent sound card to get reasonable quality.

  Mensam 19:57 30 Dec 2004

how do I find out which one I have?

  slimbo51 20:04 30 Dec 2004

If your sound plug to your speakers is next to all the rest of the sockets (USB,Ethernet,Serial plugs Ect) it will be On/Board sound.

If its a seperate card, will be much lower down and the sockets will run horizontly.

Please post back.

  shizzy 21:59 30 Dec 2004

Can you adjust the volume by clicking on the volume icon in the system tray.

  Mensam 22:55 30 Dec 2004

The speakers plug in,via a jackplug,inline with the mic socket. This the same as my old computer.The mic. worked okay with that, with the recorder.

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