lodger 21:26 08 Apr 2004

Has anyone any experience of using voice recognition software to do word processing, type letters etc????????.......Is it worth the expense ?

  Colinp 21:48 08 Apr 2004

I would say that its only worth the expense if you are unable to use your hands. My wife uses it, but her hands are really bad with arthritus, so she does find it useful. She has found that it takes a fair amount of "training" as well, so i suppose that it depends how much you are planning to use it to make it worthwhile. The faster spec machine you have makes a lot of difference as well. I think there is a lot of processing going on.

  brambles 21:56 08 Apr 2004

Colinp is correct it is good but you have to work at it. I use IBM Viavoice version 8 which I would recommend - the prices have come down and its now in Version 10.

It still types some peculiar words but, with practice you can get a lot of input onto a word document. I have seen Voice Recognition in operation on a new Acer Tablet Pc & it too is very effective - but the best innovation is handwriting recognition - again on the Tablet Pc.


  britto 22:19 08 Apr 2004

the May 2003 pc advisor cover cd has ViaVoice 7 full prog on it if you can find a copy.

  Effie 22:25 08 Apr 2004

I use Dragon Naturally speaking preferred version 7 and can highly recommend it as I use it constantly for my college assignments.

I used Viavoice professional version 8 for a long time but sorry, found it not worth the effort in the end especially when doing big assignments!( Viavoice in this specific version doesnt like large files and you need lots and lots of memory to keep it going or it can crash or easily loose you what you've typed when it mis-understands what you've said!)

This version of Dragon is the bees knees and spiders ankles as far as I am concerned and I'm in the middle of using to to do my dissertation at present. Its worth looking at Dragon softgware reviews in Amazon.co.uk but make sure you buy it from a dealer for ongoing advice and support.

Also, the mike you get with this package isnt the best and I'm using an old dynamic mike on a gooseneck stand and getting really good results! Its worth the effort! Also, there is also a new service pack ( 7.2) going with this version which fixes up some it the glitches that version 7 had which is I understand downloadable but your dealer would happily supply you with it!

One little glitch with it is that it and Nortons antivirus dont like one another but it works fine with AVG antivirus and Zonealarm.

  Eastender 23:34 08 Apr 2004

My computer came with ViaVoice, after training it, I thought I would try writng a letter in Word.
That annoying paper clip came up saying something like "I see you're writing a letter, need help"

In very basic terms I told it where to go, and printed on the screen was "far cough"

I haven't used it since.

  Belatucadrus 23:50 08 Apr 2004

Do buy a good microphone or it'll drive you nuts.

  Chegs ® 05:29 09 Apr 2004

I have used Dragon and ViaVoice(I also tried the voice recognition of OfficeXP but least said,etc)Both worked well with my heavy accent,my biggest troubles were Dragon wouldn't work correctly in IE,but fared better at controling my puter(cannot recall if ViaVoice could do this too)I had no probs with resources,even had several other apps running with them using 98se and 512Mbs of RAM,or more recently XP Pro/Home.The training can be time consuming(but a decent mic will reduce this)especially with poor mic+kids/TV/Girlfriend,etc. ;-)

  Effie 12:04 11 Apr 2004

Key element for any voice activated software are;

(1) is your PC up to specification for running the software?
(2) Decent mike needed
(3) good sound card helps
(4) training- practice makes perfect.

Even after this no software package is perfect and some glitches in interpretatrion will occur.

  Curio 18:55 11 Apr 2004

Heartedly endorse what Effie says. A good headset is essential. Dragon NS 7 Preferred is brilliant - but train it well

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