Voice over for a slide show -how?

  jack 10:33 16 Oct 2005

Strange how queries come in clumps - this weekend it seems to be 'Slideshows'
Johnny Rocker's friend started it I think with 'How do I add audio' The forum angels were able to so sort it for him.
Now I have one.
Adding audio- Music - Fine no problem there.
Adding narrative - Yup can do that too.

Adding narrative voice over the music background.
Now thats some thing I'd like to do but have yet to get my head around it.

So Glorious images,mood enhancing music, and the story being told all at the same time - just as they do on the telly
Any suggestions?

  john-232317 10:54 16 Oct 2005

Yeah forget it..... but seriously you would have to work out the timing, record your message, choose your music, find software that can record two files at once and then be able to edit it, cos somethings going to be in the wrong place, and then add it to your program to burn. Ouch ;-)

  Monoux 11:00 16 Oct 2005

Some video editing progs have more than one sound track you can add to. I use Pinnacle and that has two sound tracks. Maybe you could put your music in one and the recording of voice over on another. I've never tried this with speech but do know you can fade out one music track & fade in another at the same time by overlapping the tracks on the timneline so it should work for music & speech too.

  PA28 11:16 16 Oct 2005

Pinnacle will do this for you. I'm sure there are others as well, but Pinnacle makes it easy. Mic to sound card, select audio track, add commentary, and away you go. I've found it's a good idea to write it down and practise first!

  Bagsey 11:58 16 Oct 2005

Try DVD Pixplay it will do what you want.
click here The trial version lets you try everything but restricts the slide show to 50 photos. I have the full program and find it really good. Makes DVDs VCDs SVCDs etc.

  jack 19:53 16 Oct 2005

Thanx for the Pinnacle suggestion will take a look at my friends.

I have DVDPixplay the paid for full version
But have yet to discover how to get voice over music.
I can load the Music and time them Ok and Ditto voice -but seperatley- I would like music fading don but continuing with the voice cominup[Yes written and rehersed] and vice vers - havent figured that yet
Someone Also mention Windows Moviw maker - I did not know I had it- but there it is so am playing with that also- but dont know enough yet to . I may just.
Bagsey how would you do the voice over music as described in DVDIPXPlay?

  GroupFC 20:15 16 Oct 2005

I must say I thought you could do this with MovieMaker but I have been having a quick look and can't yet see it!

Although having just said that I have now found this click here

HTH & Good luck!

  splork 21:19 16 Oct 2005

Would it not be possible, to play the backing track in any windows player, say as a wav via winamp, plug in a microphone and use another app to record the vocal part (isolating the wav playback using headphones) - then you could use audio editing software to merge the two files. If you have them both as mono, you could use left and right channels as seperate entities, enabling you to adjust the timing of the voice part with judicial cut and paste, then merge the two into a single track when you're satisfied with it.

  g0nvs 21:34 16 Oct 2005

click here this will do it easily.

  hssutton 21:46 16 Oct 2005

Yes proshow gold does this very easily, as well as pan & zoom

  jack 12:14 17 Oct 2005

Thank you one and all for your suggestions
Will play around with
Moviemaker some more especially with the overlay idea.

Pro Show gold so often reccomended look a beut, Who know Christmas is acoming I just may get treated.

I'll tick this thread as done lots to look at
Than you all.

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