Vodefone.net, laptop & mobile phone

  [DELETED] 15:38 30 Apr 2004

I've run a search in the Helproom, but without success, so I wonder if anyone else has successfully accessed their email via vodafone.net using their laptop/mobile?

I've got the lead to connect my phone (Sharp GX10i) to a USB port on my laptop, & will sit & play with everything tonight, but I'm wondering if anyone else has done this?

Alternatively, should I be using the GPRS system, rather than a traditional 'modem' approach? The phone can do both.

Laptop is running XP, but I don't think that should be an issue

Thanks in advance

  [DELETED] 15:41 30 Apr 2004

you need to get your mobile "data enabled" or something like that. can be done by simply phoning their suport desk

  [DELETED] 17:17 30 Apr 2004

Thanks, Xevious, but that's not the problem; there seem to be several settings to get right first. Was just wondering if anyone else had gone down this road before. (Hoping to get some pointers...)

Will see what this evening brings

  [DELETED] 14:06 07 May 2004

after a few calls to Vodafone's helpline, & some fiddling of settings. Works very well, and suprisingly quick; trick will be to avoid the temptation to go surfing whilst away from home, as I have full Internet access as well as email. Not cheap, though, as one pays per Mb of data transferred to/from the laptop. I will see how the bills go....

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