vodaphone charging me for a cancelled phone

  simmo09 09:10 30 Jun 2008

my 12month mobile vodaphone contract ended april 12 2008 and leading up to that point i phoned to cancel, and also wrote to them. Thinking the matter had be solved i get a letter of £85 bill, write back to them and now they claim they didnt recieve my cancellation and are insisting i pay the £85.

What should i do?


  simmo09 07:41 01 Jul 2008


  Halmer 07:46 01 Jul 2008

with the first one attached and ring them in a few days time to ask if they have received it. If not I'd fax it to them there and then.

  BT 07:55 01 Jul 2008

Send it Recorded Delivery then there will be a record of it being received.

  simmo09 09:37 01 Jul 2008

thanks for the replies, although the original letter (and second which they did recieve) were both handwritten, and never thought of recorded delivery to be honest. What now?

  Halmer 09:45 01 Jul 2008

(keeping a copy) with details of previous phone conversations and letters that you have sent to them in respect of cancelling the contract.

Reiterate the fact that you cancelled the contract on a certain date (i.e. the date of the first phone call if the contract lets you cancel by phone)

Obviously don't mention that you haven't got copies at this stage.

You will need to deal with it properly to protect your credit status (I think).

Be patient (difficult I know) and polite.

  simmo09 10:00 01 Jul 2008

thanks for the advice halmer, i shall write again with approx dates of when i phoned and sent the letters. I was also maybe thinking of citizens advice, i shouldnt have to pay this when i clearly requested cancellation 3 month ago.

Thanks again

  Halmer 10:12 01 Jul 2008

but the service struggles to cope with demand (i.e. you may have to wait for an appointment etc.).

If you don't get any joy this time with a letter ring CAB and have all the details at hand.

Good luck and try not to let the matter worry you too much.

  User-1229748 10:28 01 Jul 2008

if you never used the phone after the said date vodafone will know that,and so it would be pretty unreasonable of them to charge you.Good luck anyway.

  babybell 11:03 01 Jul 2008

I've recently had the same problem with the Carphone Warehouse, they claim I never sent a letter in either! Always make sure you send recorded delivery, sadly I just had to pay the extra amount because I had debt collectors chasing me.

  damian212 12:00 01 Jul 2008

I have had problems with Orange charging me for calls and not refunding the money.

So I sued them!!!! Its dead easy and it feels good to get one over on them.

You do everything online at click here
and pay £30 which you also get back. Fill the forms online and wait 2 weeks. If the company doesnt pay up you can send the baillifs on them!! and these are court baillifs not private ones!!

If you do this you have to follow a simple procedure first. You have to write to the company demanding your money back within 2 weeks (you have to give them a reasonable time to refuse your request). When they refuse send them a letter headed "Letter before Action" giving them a further 2 weeks notice or you will proceed with court action.

Again they will refuse not beleiving you will go through with it.

But dont back down because this is the best bit: Even if they have a watertight case they wont dare go to court because it costs them about £1000 to defend your claim, its cheaper to pay up; which they will beleive me, Ive sued several companies over unfair bills and they have paid up every time.

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