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vodafone mobile wi-fi card no internet,secured

  awest3 11:22 14 Feb 2019

I'm trying to get a Vodafone R218h to connect to the internet. It supposed to be plug and play. All I'm getting is no internet,secured. I've tried lots of possible solutions but none work. I can see the device when I click on the wi-fi icon ok. I'm trying to do this on a laptop. I do not have a cellular icon in network and internet although the device is shown as that linked to the wi-fi. I've tried unticking the IV6 box in its properties. I cant get to any APN settings, I believe these sit under the cellular button, which I don't have. Any suggestions gratefully received.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:26 14 Feb 2019

I do not have a cellular icon in network and internet...........I've tried unticking the IV6 box in its properties. I cant get to any APN settings.............

None of that is relevant in getting that device to work.

What's the status (off, green, or yellow) of the device's Network Signal light?

  awest3 15:34 14 Feb 2019

Thanks for the reply.... All solid green

  Secret-Squirrel 15:49 14 Feb 2019

Have you successfully connected to the device's WiFi network by choosing the network name then entering the correct password? If you have, then on the laptop that's currently connected to the Vodafone device, click here and see what it says for the connection status. If you're asked for the password then it's admin - and note that that link won't work if you're using any other type of connection.

  awest3 16:06 14 Feb 2019

I've selected the correct device and put the password in a few times. I've uninstalled the network adapter and reinstalled it, I've checked the connection status on Vodafone which states all is ok.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:57 14 Feb 2019

Oooh err, it's all a bit of a mystery :(

Do you have a tablet or another laptop so that you can prove whether it's the device that's faulty or not?

Does your laptop get a working Internet connection when connected to other wireless networks?

Were you at any point told to activate the SIM?

  awest3 17:19 14 Feb 2019

Hi, The sim has been activated..... I've just tried it on another laptop and even my desktop with the same result! I have no problems when connecting any of them using my home router. There appear to be lots of suggestions regarding this problem but nearly all of them start with 'go to the cellular icon in network and internet' which of course I don't have.... I'll talk to vodafone again to see if they can help sort it. Thanks again.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:08 14 Feb 2019

The "cellular icon in network and internet" is only for portable devices (laptops and tablets etc) that can accept a SIM card so don't waste your time trying to get that to work ;)

Your Vodafone device is essentially a small wireless router just like the one you have at home.

It sounds like that device is faulty so good luck with Vodafone and I hope you get it sorted.

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