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VOB files

  Daisy22 16:31 10 Dec 2008

I have some video files that are VOB files, but as well as this there are also IFO and BUP files.

I can watch them but only through media player but I would like to put them onto a DVD to watch through a DVD player (I'm going into hospital soon and would like to have something to watch).

I don't understand how to get these files to AVI or another system that I can burn and watch on a stand alone DVD player.

Any suggestions please

  Devil Fish 16:43 10 Dec 2008

vob is a dvd file so you should just be able to burn it to disk and play it what you should have is a folder with your vob ifo and bup files in it burn them all to dvd using nero

NOTE do not use rewritable disks as you will need to close the disk to play them in a standalone dvd player

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:48 10 Dec 2008

Ifo BUP and VOB are the correct files for a DVD.

Pop a DVD in your drive and use explorer you will see two folder Video_Ts and Audio_TS

If you have these files on your hard drive then create a Viedo_TS folder insert the files and burn them to a DVD.

  eedcam 19:19 10 Dec 2008

As said if yoiu have a Video Ts file ignore thwe Audio file ther is nowt in it in fact you mab not even have one they are not needed
I suggest you install the freebie Imgburnclick here Open it click on write files/foldsers to disc add or drag the Ts folder unopened into it have a blank disc in itclick write and wait

  eedcam 19:31 10 Dec 2008

Oops that of course depends on the folder fitting on a single layer disc ie around 4.3G/byte max If its bigger you'll need something like DVD shrink also free to compress
Get it hereclick here not anywhere else as the are Sites out there that will try and charge for it or charge for there Ha! support

  Daisy22 09:57 11 Dec 2008

I think this is a bit beyond my IT skills.

I've tried putting a DVD RW in, but how do I create the Video TS folder?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:17 11 Dec 2008

In explorer create the folder on your hard drive (File - new - folder)copy the files into the folder and then burn the folder to the DVD using your DVD burning software.

  eedcam 10:56 11 Dec 2008

Daisy all our suggestions are valid but a\ppreciate can look a bit daunting to the novice if you like you can pm me use the wee yellow envelope and I'll walk you through it step by step and as basic as you need

  eedcam 15:00 11 Dec 2008

Disagree I see many commercial dvd's that have no audio Ts folder within only a video Ts one

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